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The latest solar technology has transformed our regular windows to an outstanding medium for capturing the sunlight and converting it into electricity. U.S. homes and workplaces account for about 75% of the total electricity usage. What if this percentage of electricity was generated through harnessing  sunlight? Imagine the amount of money and electricity that can be saved through this!


We’ve seen experiments such as solar windows not becoming successful because the users didn’t like the reddish tint that appeared on their windows.


So what’s changed this time?


Recently,  scientists have used solar technologies that absorb infrared or ultraviolet light. Previously, the reddish tint occurred due to leakage of the UV radiations, but this time scientists have worked on developing a completely clear glass achieved through blocking the UV and infrared radiations.


But what efficiency rate does it have compared to silicon solar cells?


It’s close to  around 25%. Transparency is not a priority for these, but  efficiency is. However, when we compare them to see-through solar cells, you’ll notice that the highest efficiency level is about 22%


Obviously, if you’re willing to have transparent windows that generate electricity as well, you can let go of that extra 3%. Lets keep our fingers crossed until we’re introduced to see-through solar cells with a better efficiency rate.


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