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 These days, finding a solar panel installer is not a difficult job. You could simply type into  Google “solar panel installers near me” and more than a dozen will pop up near your location to get the job done. But, not all solar installers are the same. Besides, you would also need a roof inspector as well to analyze the condition of your roof.

In a perfect dream world, you would like to hire a single company that can take care of all things professionally. 


Why YellowLite?

Well, expect the same from YellowLite as we take pride in being a one-stop-shop solar company that treats customers like family and guides them through the end of the line. Our turnkey solar solutions include all types of services that can be required during solar installation. Our relationship with customers doesn’t end after the installation. Our customer support department is always there for help and can send YellowLite solar experts on a single call. All of our installations come with service and workmanship warranties, allowing our customers to have a good night’s sleep knowing their project is in good hands.


What To Expect During Roof Inspection?

Roof inspectors often start the survey from the house's interior. They look for any signs of damage or bulge in the ceiling of your attic. They will survey different rooms looking for any insulation issues, mold, mildew, or ventilation problems. These issues point towards early signs of trouble with the roof.

The roof exterior is also inspected for any signs of aging, weather damage, or any leaks on the roofing tiles or loose shingles. The roof gutters are also checked to make sure there is a proper drainage system. The goal of this inspection is to ensure that the roof is in perfect health and able to support solar panels for a minimum of 25 years. If there is anything that needs to be replaced or fixed, it can be done before solar installation.


The Final Consultation

A good solar panel installation team will sit down with you after properly assessing your roof’s health and surrounding area. They will discuss the issues and your budget to develop a customized solution for your individual needs. 

Never accept quotes from companies that don’t perform a proper inspection prior to the quotation. This can lead to serious problems at a later stage. Overlooking an issue on a damaged roof can result in loss of life or at the very least loss of thousands of dollars.


Premium Solar Installer

With YellowLite you always have peace of mind knowing that certified professionals are taking care of your roof and solar installation. We are a full-service company, meaning we do everything from start to finish. With us, you don’t have to hire a separate roof inspector or acquire a solar permit from the government. Our quotation includes every bit of work that needs to be done.

So, what are you waiting for? Call YellowLite now or contact us to get a free consultation from a YellowLite solar expert.

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