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SolarEdge has a smartphone app available on Android and iPhone. You can also visit SolarEdge Monitoring from any web device. You should receive a SolarEdge registration email to set up your account shortly after your system installation. If you do not receive this in a timely manner, please contact us at service@yellowlite.comThis monitoring service is complimentary and does not impact solar panel cost.


There are at least 3 ways to turn your solar system off and on.  

  1. The AC disconnect is typically located outside by your utility meter. This is a levered box that disconnects the solar system from the house/grid electricity. Without battery backup, disconnecting from the grid means the solar system will shut down. When the lever is in an upright position, the system is on; when it’s in a downward position, the system is off. Some systems may also have a breaker in the electric panel.
  2. The DC disconnect is a black knob located on the bottom half of the inverter. When the knob is turned in the clockwise vertical position, it is on; when the knob is turned in the counter-clockwise horizontal position, it is off.
  3. The production toggle is a small red switch under the top half of the inverter, near the LED light indicators. When the switch is turned left, it is on; when the switch is turned right, it is off.

All 3 of these must be in the on position for the system to produce.


The simple answer is:

Green = Producing

Blue = Communicating 

Red = Fault/Error

More details can be found at (


The difference is the property’s electrical usage. The utility meter can only see your excess production: any production that exceeds the house usage and is therefore exported to the grid. It can only track your import and export to/from the grid. Anything generated and consumed on-site would not show up on the utility meter; so if you generate 20kW for an hour while consuming 15kW, only 5kWh would reach the utility meter and show as exported. 


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