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Our Efforts

Yellowlite proudly joined the river cleanup at Big Creek Reservations, embodying our commitment to the environment. It was a profound experience, uniting community efforts to preserve nature's beauty. We're dedicated to such initiatives, ensuring a cleaner, greener future

Our Contributions

These numbers represent more than just statistics—they symbolize our shared vision for a greener planet. Every kilowatt-hour produced, every pound of carbon offset, every tree seedling grown, and every gallon of gas saved marks our collective effort to foster a more sustainable and responsible world.

Based on 500 kW of solar installed in Q1 2024, we project a lasting community impact reaching well beyond 15 years.

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kWhs Produced

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lbs of CO2 Offset

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Tree Seedlings Grow

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Gallons Of Gas Offset

Maximize Your Savings, Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

Take a step towards a sustainable tomorrow with our tiered Savings Guide. Whether you're starting small or ready to fully commit, there's a perfect solar solution waiting for you.

  • Start your eco-friendly journey with a 4-7kW solar system and get a $500 discount plus an additional $1,000 off when you add a Tesla Powerwall 3 to your setup.

  • Upgrade to a 7-12kW solar system and enjoy a $750 rebate, and with Tesla Powerwall 3, boost your savings by an extra $1,000.

  • Elevate to a 12-15kW solar array for a substantial $1,500 off and pocket another $1,000 when coupled with the Tesla Powerwall 3.

  • For the ultimate energy independence, select `our 15-25kW or 25kW+ systems and receive a whopping $2,000 to $2,500 discount, plus $1,000 off with the addition of a Tesla Powerwall 3 to your green arsenal.

With these tiered discounts, the more you invest in renewable energy, the more you save. It's a win-win for you and the environment this Earth Day.

Earthday Savings

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YellowLite Satisfaction


We are very happy with the entire process, from design review to installation of a roof-top solar system for our house. Initial on-site visit to the local utility net meter installation were all efficiently organized and executed. Every employee in YellowLite we encountered was professional, efficient, and skilled. I had previously received 3 quotes from other companies for our house, and was very happy with YellowLite’s price, project execution, and warranty terms.

Judy Yen


Our household has been considering solar for years! When we contacted YellowLite, the responsive, useful information and guidance immediately won our confidence. My questions were always politely, promptly, and thoroughly answered. I never had any doubts along this journey, nor felt like my questions were anything but valid. We’re happy with our decision. Thanks to YellowLite for getting us to our goal. Highly recommend.

Melinda Mallari


YellowLite was an absolute pleasure to work with. They were professional, friendly, punctual, and responsive. The installers were efficient, didn’t leave any mess, and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend.

Briana Pandoli


After reading customer reviews of YellowLite, I didn’t do any more research as there were so many satisfied people. I was sold. We had a pretty amazing experience too. Our project manager, and installer were incredibly courteous, professional, and responsive to all questions and concerns. Even my kids made comments on their work ethic and professionalism - it was that noticeable and sincere. It seems like they all take the work incredibly seriously and they like what they do.

Ryan McMaster


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