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Solar Panel Installation Process

Learn More About The Process And Requirements For Installing Solar Panels

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Yellowlite's Solar Panel Installation Process


The Process

Learn about exactly what to expect when you do solar panel installation—from setting up your initial consultation to generating your own energy.


Roofing Requirements

How does your home measure up? Learn about roof types and how your home’s layout may have an effect on your solar capabilities.


Be Prepared

While things typically run smoothly, there may be a few obstacles to overcome in the process. Just like any large-scale project, it’s best to be prepared.

Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Installation

Timing is Everything

Solar panel installation times vary depending on the size and complexity of the installation. However, a typical residential installation should take between two to five days. YellowLite’s certified installers strictly adhere to building and electrical construction codes to make sure installations are done in a safe and professional manner. Have you already called and scheduled your initial consultation with a YellowLite solar consultant? Contact us today to get started

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Solar Inspection & Quality Assurance

Solar Panel Installation Inspection

After installation is complete, your solar energy system will be inspected by both the governing municipality and your utility company. We will schedule and attend all inspections, so you will not need to be present. Following your utility inspection, your solar panel system will be up and running. YellowLite will provide you with electrical and structural drawings of your new photovoltaic system along with all owner's manuals, warranties, and instructions on how to monitor your system's performance.

Solar Inspection & Quality Assurance
Solar Inspection & Quality Assurance




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