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Good Morning, Sunshine

Save the planet and your energy bills with solar energy
solutions from YellowLite

Solar for Businesses
Residential Solar panels Residential Solar panels

You don’t need to have a lot of land for solar energy to power your home. Residential homes are great places for solar panels.

Residential Solar panels
Commercial Solar Power Commercial Solar Power

Make solar energy work for you with tax credits, energy savings and more.

Commercial Solar Power
Solar Panels for Rural Homes and Farms Solar Panels for Rural Homes and Farms

One of the most worthwhile parts of including a solar array in a rural home/farm other than the energy savings is the possibility of energy independence.

Solar Panels for Rural Homes and Farms
Solar Panels Ohio Solar Panels Ohio

Don’t let the cloudy reputation discourage you—Ohio gets plenty of sunshine to make solar work.

Solar Panels Ohio
Solar Calculator Solar Calculator

Alternative energy can help you save big on energy bills. Find out how much you could save with our Solar Calculator.

Solar Calculator

News & Updates

What Impacts the Efficiency of a Solar Energy System? Ask Yellowlite

Over the years, solar panel efficiencies have improved thanks to engineering advancements.

Advancements in Solar Energy | The Technology That Keeps Improving

The renewable energy industry is continuously growing and we’re seeing amazing opportunities with solar.

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