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Solar Merits: Solar Certifications & Licenses

Solar technology is no more a small section of the energy industry. Its market share has increased ten folds in the previous years. It is important to understand that this field has grown immensely and has its own world of innovations, standards, and professional qualifications. The solar buyer of today wants to know that whether the installer behind their solar system has required licenses along with updated certifications or not? Because In order to professionally install a solar power system, the installer should have electrical, construction, plumbing, and HVAC licenses.

Solar installation professionals should assert their qualifications with special training, licenses, and certifications. These will build a strong base for the installer while also giving peace of mind to buyers. Certifications and licenses have now become the merits of professionalism in the solar industry. These licenses are also now mandated by state-level governments to ensure safety standards.

Solar Installation Licensure

Solar installation is not the only field that requires certain licenses. A lot of other fields from healthcare professionals to construction engineers need licensing to ensure compliance with set standards. These license requirements are established at the State level for contractors. This protects consumers from unsafe practices and ensures systems are installed properly. Whether the professional is an independent installer or part of an installation company, having state-mandated licenses is a must. These requirements continue to develop and evolve with the solar industry.

Most of the States enforce a general set of requirements for solar installers that are almost similar to electrical or HVAC contractors. Professionals with licenses for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC may apply for PV and Solar Thermal installation projects. For instance, in Ohio only an electrical license is required to install a solar energy system. However, there are states that demand solar-specific licenses. Professionals in those states would need more specialized educational preparation before venturing into building solar energy systems.

Here are some states in which Solar-specific licensure must be obtained before installing a solar energy system:

  • California: Solar-specific license required and offers specific classifications
  • Colorado: some counties require a Solar-specific license
  • Connecticut: Statewide solar-specific license required
  • Florida: Statewide solar-specific license required
  • Hawaii: Statewide solar-specific license required
  • Idaho: Requires solar-specific certifications to obtain a full license
  • Illinois: No solar-specific license, but the Illinois Commerce Commission requires company certifications
  • Kansas: Some counties and municipalities may require a solar-specific license
  • Louisiana: Contractor’s license with a specific classification
  • Nevada: Statewide solar-specific license required
  • New York: Counties require a solar-specific license
  • Pennsylvania: Some counties and municipalities may require a specific license
  • Tennessee: License classifications depend on project size
  • Utah: Statewide solar-specific license required

Solar Certifications

Licenses are like college degrees required to get admission. However, certifications are done through voluntary training programs to enhance solar knowledge. Depending on your experience and solar knowledge there are different levels of certification programs. Certification may or may not enhance your level of solar installation expertise, but it will add the credentials to your resume. It will communicate your achievements to your customers and help gain their trust.

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