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There is no wrong time to go solar, but certain seasons are better than others, and spring is one of them! Here are some of the primary reasons why you should consider solar panel installation this spring:

1. Prepare for Extended Solar Lead Times

As summer arrives and everyone begins to think about sustainable energy, solar firms in Massachusetts are inundated with phone calls. This might result in extra-long lead times and a lengthy installation wait for your solar panel. 

You can beat the rush and get your solar panels installed sooner if you schedule a solar consultation in the spring from one of the most reliable solar panel installation companies, i.e., Yellowlite. 

2. Use the 30% Solar Tax Credit. Prior to Reduction

You can lower your federal tax burden by 30% of your total solar installation expenses by taking full advantage of the federal solar tax credit in 2022. This incentive, however, is not permanent.

To qualify for the 30% credit, your solar system must be entirely built and operational by December 31, 2022. Following that, the solar tax credit will be decreased to 22% in 2023 and then completely withdrawn for homeowners in 2024.

3. Bank Your Excess Energy Credits

Many residents in the United States will also be able to receive solar energy credits from their utility provider for any excess solar energy produced by their solar power system. 

During the colder months, many solar power systems will create more solar electricity than the occupants consume. The surplus solar energy will be credited to these households by utility providers, allowing them to use the credits during the hot summer months.

If you want to be prepared for summer, have your solar panel installation operational in the spring. This way, you will have solar energy credits to draw from later.

4. Save on Summer Electricity Bills

Many individuals consider solar panel installation during the summer when their air conditioner is constantly running, and their power expenses are growing.

To offset those expenses with solar electricity, you must ensure that your system is built before the summer heat arrives.

You may save money on high summer electricity costs by arranging Solar Panel installation in early spring.

5. Get the Papers Done

Allowing time for the entire solar panel installation procedure is more crucial than installing a new central air conditioner. The solar installer will handle a lot of paperwork before your solar power system can go live, from the permitting procedure with the utility provider through the local government.

Most individuals will have to wait for replies from energy merchants and utility companies, which can take some time. It is essential to begin preparing as soon as possible.

6. Have a wonderful summer!

If you want to enjoy the summer without worrying about finding a solar contractor, get a solar panel installation done in the spring. Summer is a time for relaxing, spending time with family, and not having to worry about extra work.

You don't want to spend hours looking for solar installers or on the phone with your energy provider. Selecting your solar installation early ensures you will not have to waste precious summer days investigating.

7. The Economic Effectiveness

Solar panel installation may be costly. Solar energy tax credits and deductions, on the other hand, can assist in offsetting the expense of going solar. Buying less electricity from your power company will save you enough money to cover the total cost of solar panels.

If you live in a sunny place, you might even be able to sell part of your excess energy back to the grid! Contact Yellowlite for a free residential or commercial solar panel installation cost estimate. 

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