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How To Flatten The Climate Change Curve

With COVID-19 plaguing all of our waking thoughts, talks of “flattening the curve” have been brought up throughout the world. Ways to help lessen the infection rate and “flatten the curve”, like social distancing, getting vaccinated when possible, washing your hands thoroughly, and wearing a mask, are all precautions that any person should take if they want to help the population and push the virus down.

Much like with COVID-19, there is another curve that needs to be flattened, and soon. There is a climate change curve that is steadily climbing as we watch. Greenhouse gases are worsening with our emissions, and the switch to clean energy is slow going in many places. If we don’t attempt to cut down on our carbon emissions soon, the curve will continue its steady incline.

Why You Should Care

If we do nothing to stop our carbon emissions, the global temperature will continue its incline, causing rising sea levels, as well as droughts, flooding, and storms to increase in frequency and intensity. Along with all of the harmful effects of climate change on the planet, it will also cause massive harmful effects on the economy and more importantly on the health of the entire population. If we fail to drastically cut back on our carbon emissions soon, we will all be living above the curve for a long time, with disastrous consequences.

How Solar Can Help

It can seem hard to change habits that we have had for years, but it is important to grow in a positive direction rather than remain stagnant. Every country needs to take steps to “flatten the curve” and while it can seem like you as an individual can’t make a difference, we as a whole all take the same steps. Every small effort is important to make a larger change and it all starts at home.

Now, most sources of clean energy are executed at a large scale, like wind energy, geothermal, nuclear, and bioenergy, but there is one source of clean energy that you can implement in your home or business that will not only help save the environment but also cut back on your electricity bills; solar energy.

Solar energy can be harnessed anywhere the sun shines and can be installed on your roof or even in your yard. There is a stigma surrounding solar panels that only the rich are able to afford to install them for their homes, but this is simply untrue. In fact, solar panels will save you a lot of money in the long run. There is of course an upfront cost, but the cost of solar has dropped more than 70% in the last ten years, making now the perfect time to invest in clean energy.

Invest In The Future

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy will last for billions of years, till the end of humanity itself. We will run out of fossil fuels soon and the cost to use them will just go up exponentially as we run out, as well as continue to destroy the planet. But we can decide to invest in a better and brighter future with solar energy.

Start Saving on Electricity Bills

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