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Almost all of us are familiar with the sight of solar panels. We walk by them in the neighborhood, see them mounted on commercial buildings or read about them in the papers or online. But as technology advances, we may start seeing solar panel canopies at the market, malls, and other brick-and-mortar businesses. In fact, friends and family might even invest in a residential solar canopy for their property. 

Read on for more information about solar panel canopies and what benefits they have to offer.

Solar Panel Canopy

So, what exactly is a solar panel canopy? As mentioned above, a commercial solar parking canopy is usually located in shopping centers and other areas with many parking spots. Solar canopies for parking lots provide not only a shady area for consumers to park but also shelter from the rain and snow. 

A residential solar canopy is commonly owned by people that have an electric vehicle. Not only will the canopy, or carport, protect the car or truck it is also an excellent spot for a charging station.

A business or homeowner may choose to add a solar panel canopy to their existing solar array setup or choose a solar parking canopy because a roof or ground mount installation is not a good fit for their current property.


Why Choose Solar Canopies For Parking Lots?

Businesses can have multiple reasons to install solar panels for parking lots—a commitment to being more environmentally friendly is one primary reason. A visible sign of that commitment to customers and passers-by and a comfortable parking experience for guests are others.

Solar canopies for parking lots can also be big news. A major retailer in the United States recently added not only a solar panel canopy but also updated the interior of one of their stores with more energy-efficient and eco-conscious upgrades that earned them a write-up in the press. With more companies choosing solar as an energy alternative, going green is not only great for the planet, it is good for business.

These types of solar panel canopies are an example of how to add renewable energy sources outside of deserts in the American west and rural farms across the country. They also make the most of the existing land, which is another benefit that must be mentioned.

Are Residential Solar Canopies Worth It?

The carport came to fame in the time of the horse and buggy. It was installed next to homes and businesses to protect the riders from severe weather while also keeping the animals safe from the elements. 

In today’s more modern times, the carport can be utilized for one's current needs, especially for those homes without a garage. A residential solar canopy just makes so much sense when shopping for an enclosure for any large or bulky items outside of cars. 

For instance, a solar parking canopy is a perfect place for a boat, all-terrain vehicles, lawn equipment, and any other storage needs you can imagine!

A customizable solar panel canopy can be built to the specifications of your needs and property size. This handy tool can not only enhance your yard, but it can increase your energy production as well.

The Top Advantages of Solar Panel Canopies

To recap some of the advantages already mentioned, solar canopies for parking lots are great for public relations and for companies to share their dedication to curbing climate change in a very eye-catching way. Similarly, shoppers and visitors no longer have to worry about their vehicles baking in the hot sun, getting caught in a downpour, or scraping inches of snow off the windshield. 

As for residential solar canopies, the benefits of extra storage and adding more solar panels to your property are pretty incredible.

But solar panel canopies have even more advantages. More significant buildings can usually require large amounts of energy to run their business. Grocery stores have the extra burden of lighted and refrigerated spaces. Some big box stores run twenty-four-hour services meaning that the lights are on literally every hour of the day. Introducing a solar panel installation or a solar panel canopy is a great way to cut back on monthly electricity bills for commercial buildings.

Places of worship, hospitals, and any area with a large parking area may also be able to reduce maintenance costs to the lot with solar parking canopies. No matter what the reason people visit a particular location, having a covered parking spot during a weather event or extreme heat is always welcome. 

As we all know, the news on climate change has only gotten more pronounced in the last few years. From horrible droughts to raging floods, a sustainable energy source and conservation is on the minds of the young and old alike. This information can have some looking into the viability of solar canopy for parking lots sooner than later. 

Having a dedicated solar parking canopy for your staff and workers can lead to a more positive work environment. When employees know they will have a protected place to park and even charge their electric vehicle, this can only benefit the workspace.

A Company You Can Trust

As with any significant investment working with a company you can trust is vital when opting for a solar panel company. Doing research online, paying attention to customer feedback and reviews, and even some social media platforms can help you narrow down your search.

Once you find an installation company, be sure to ask about their maintenance policy and any warranties, rebates, or tax credits applicable to your project.

In Conclusion

The carport or canopy has come a long way since its introduction. With today’s technology, solar parking canopies and residential solar canopies are doing much more than their inventor could have ever imagined.

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