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Things To Know Before Putting Solar Panels On Your Roof

The presence of solar energy systems is still quite rare, keeping in mind that in Ohio the annual energy production from renewable sources is only 4%. That includes wind, solar and biodegradable fuel. For instance, if you are going to buy a car, there would be plenty of people who can tell how the whole process works, and which brand or type of car would be trouble free for years to come. However, in the Solar industry there are far fewer solar buyers who can guide new consumers. The number of customers who have owned a solar system through its lifecycle would be even more limited.

This puts new solar buyers in utter confusion and at the mercy of sellers, whose aim is to sell more inventory at whatever cost. If the solar panels are going on your roof, the stakes get even higher because you will be investing a huge amount with long-term investment, Leaving zero room for mistakes. For this purpose, YellowLite being a responsible solar installer in Ohio aims to guide new solar buyers about the important things to look for when buying a solar energy system.

Can Your Roof Support Solar Array?

This is the most important question to ask yourself or any solar installer. Is your roof structurally sound? Or, will your roof need a renovation in a couple of years? If your roof is in bad shape and would require renovation, it is recommended to get your roof repaired before moving forward with solar installation. Ignoring the bleak condition of the roof will cause lots of problems in years to come. Solar panel arrays are heavy and require proper bolt-in installations that are aimed at long-term maintenance-free purposes.

Does Your Roof Get Sunlight All Day Long?

Make sure that your roof does not remain covered in shade all day long. Making rash decisions like these would not justify the cost of panels in years to come. It is best to get your roof assessment done by more than one solar installation company to remove any doubt that you might have. If you can't make a decision about your roof, because it’s a rented apartment or shady area, you can try going for shared community solar. This allows different consumers to have a stake in a commercial solar installation and receive credits on the electricity bills.

Keep An Eye On Your Yard

Remember to envision the future of your yard as well. If you have planted leafy oaks all around your yard, they will be quite big after a few years and might obstruct sunlight for solar panels. So, be prepared for pruning to remove the foliage and keep the panels clean.

Trim Your Energy Usage

While getting an energy estimate for your electricity usage, remember to trim your usage as much as possible. If you are increasing your energy usage more than you actually need, you would require lots of panels as well to support that usage. So, before getting an estimate for a solar energy system, go for an energy audit and find all the available efficiency upgrades that can lower your energy usage.

Is Your Solar Installer Trustworthy

The success and investment return of your solar energy system entirely depends on the professionalism and expertise of your solar installer. When installing a solar system, there are a lot of verticals that are in play. An expert solar installer knows how much your panels need inclination on the roof to meet the maximum sunlight. He knows how to properly interconnect the solar panels and all the other wiring to the inverter, and making sure that all connections and wires are weatherproof.

The key point while selecting a solar installer is to check their accreditations, the number of years in the solar installation service, and the satisfied customers. In this digital world, it is pretty easy to analyze the satisfaction level of any business’s customers by checking their social media profiles or Google business profile. Although it is hard to predict, you would preferably want to stick with a company that would at least remain in operation for the entire life of your solar energy system.

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