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Building a new home is an exciting experience. From choosing the exterior style to interior fixtures, many decisions need to be thought about and made. Have you considered adding a solar energy installation to your new home? With the cost of living on the rise all across the country, the benefits of lower utility bills are certainly attractive. If you are thinking about adding solar panels during construction, here are a few things you should know.


Roof Mounts -


When adding a solar energy installation to your home’s roof, the installers will determine the best layout and position of the panels to get the most energy efficiency possible. In fact, the installers can talk with you and the builder to determine what type of roof and material works best for the installation. As an extra benefit, solar panels protect your roof from the elements: and the tiles from wear and tear. Adding solar panels to residential homes is a growing trend. SEIA reports that 13.4% of homes will have a solar PV system in the next nine years.


Increased Home Value -


Not only is solar power a clean renewable source of energy that does not harm the planet, but installations also boost a home’s value. Research shows that 62% of Americans feel the effects of climate change. This kind of data may increase the number of property buyers looking for cleaner homes. According to a study by Zillow, solar installations could increase the value by 4.1%. That is something to take into account for your new construction!


Savings -


Saving on energy bills every month can really add up. Adding solar panels to your new home construction can do just that! But what will those savings look like? According to Energy. gov, The exact savings you will see with solar depends on the following: 

  • Electricity consumption
  • Solar energy system size
  • Whether you purchase or lease your system
  • Direct hours of daily sunlight
  • Size and angle of the roof
  • Local electricity rates

Tax credits can also add to the savings. The Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) 26% tax credit is in place through 2022. In some cases credits can be combined depending on the type of installation.

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