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There are many reasons to make the switch to clean energy like solar power; a huge motivation is gaining more independence. A household is only as strong as its resources, and if resources are limited or no longer available, your lifestyle would need to undergo a significant adjustment. Establishing independence saves you from having to dramatically change the way you (and your family) live. While a self-sufficient household would be ideal for this, it would also require a complete lifestyle change. Incorporating sustainable habits is a more practical route for those who aren’t looking to trade in life as they know it. 

Here are just a few sustainable practices that can help you achieve more independence:

For many people, the daily commute to work or school is non-negotiable however, you do have a choice in your method of transportation. Privately owning or leasing a vehicle may provide flexibility in your personal schedule, but it comes with the financial obligation of car payments, maintenance, and insurance. Choosing an alternative method such as non-committal public transportation, or the even cleaner methods of walking or biking, would provide more financial independence while reducing your environmental impact. Even for those who may not have access to other business providers, scheduling your outings strategically can help limit that sense of continuous dependency.

Curb the Consumerism

Urban and suburban lifestyles make unplanned shopping trips extremely convenient. Residents can leave their homes under-supplied with the idea that they can run out at any time. Unfortunately, that reinforces a dependence on a business, which could close or relocate at any time. You may not have the option of growing your own garden or visiting a farmer’s market, but you can curb this dependency by limiting unnecessary purchases. Rather than grabbing a ready-made dinner or restaurant take-out, use what you have in your home. This isn’t to say that you can’t ever indulge but considering your options at hand will reduce your dependency on outside sources that may not always be available. 

Make a Substantial Substitution 

Gaining independence with household essentials such as electricity can seem intimidating, but the adjustment is as simple as substituting your current electric provider with a more sustainable energy source. Urban solar is not only sustainable, it also provides the homeowner with energy independence. Rather than relying on a local utility company which may lose power without notice or increase electric costs, you could generate your own energy with a private solar power system. Your household budget would see consistently lower energy bills and your electric supply could even be stored with a connection to solar batteries! You would be securing your home’s power and reducing your carbon footprint without changing your daily routine. 

Assert Your Independence 

There are countless ways to increase your independence but adjusting transportation, limiting unnecessary purchasing habits, and opting for alternative energy, are all easy ways to boost your independence without dramatically changing your lifestyle. Although community support will always be a significant part of our lives, the need for household independence is rising. It’s possible that these alternatives could become the staple rather than the substitute now that our society is beginning to see the value in sustainable living. 

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