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On Wednesday, February 15th, Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) teamed up with YellowLite and other representatives from Ohio's alternative energy companies to talk to Ohio’s State Representatives and Senators on the importance of developing Ohio’s renewable energy economy. This included representatives from Schneider Electric, First Sun, and Lanthrop Trotter. 


YellowLite’s representative was our very own Candice Brothers, who enjoyed educating our legislature on matters of solar policy, economics, and the importance of competition. The day at the State House was informative and a good way to reconvene with our industry partners.


The day included meetings throughout the day with nine State Reps and five State Senators, generally for 45 minutes to an hour. The team divided into two groups to speak to more people. Our united industry message was on the importance of renewable energy to Ohio's economy. Solar and wind representatives stressed the need to develop a level playing field for alternative energy to compete with coal and oil. 


There are now more jobs in solar than there are in coal, oil, and natural gas electrical generation combined. It recently was announced that there are more than 260,000 solar jobs in the United States including 5,800 jobs in Ohio. These jobs are good-paying, typically blue collar, and cannot be exported. The advocacy group stressed the importance of job-creation and lowering electrical rates for the average Ohioan.


Representatives from both the Democrat and Republican side of the legislative aisle, were extremely receptive to allowing competition with traditional energy sources. AEE plans to hold them to it. 


AEE is an organization of businesses using policy advocacy, analysis, and education to bring about a prosperous economy based on secure, clean, affordable energy. AEE conducts research, performs lobbying efforts, and provides an important communication function.  

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