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When asked about solar power or panels, undoubtedly most people will think of residential rooftop systems, but there are so many possibilities for the design of a solar energy system. Just like the properties they power, solar installations come in many forms. For commercial solar projects, in particular, the system installation site can be anything from a flat outdoor space to a multi-level facility. The design of a system must be appropriate for the property, the energy demand, and the client’s specific needs. 

Here, we’ll take a look at four design structures that can be used for commercial solar projects. 


Rooftop Solar

The most common placement for solar panels is on building rooftops. Rooftop solar is a go-to option for residential properties and commercial properties alike. For buildings such as factories, retail locations, or other buildings with excess roof space, rooftop solar is an easy choice. These designs utilize the space that’s already available on your building without disrupting your operations for construction. This kind of structure is also very convenient for system maintenance needs and potential updates or expansion. 

Ground-Mounted Solar

Unlike rooftop panels, ground-mounted solar panels are built on the ground of a property. Since they are located on the ground rather than on top of an existing structure, these systems have the wonderful advantage of independent angle, orientation, and surface space. While rooftop systems make use of unused space, they are restricted to the surface area of the roof. Ground-mounted systems can extend past typical boundaries, as long as the property allows. 


Pole-Mounted Solar

Pole mounted systems are a helpful alternative to usual system structures. For properties that have limited or unsuitable space, pole-mounted solar can be used to make the most of the ground areas. This design supports solar panels vertically on a pole instead of displaying them across the typical horizontal racking. Although a pole mount offers unique options (such as moving to track the sun), this structure also requires a bit more construction in order to secure the pole into the ground. 


Solar Canopy Systems

Solar canopies, or parking canopies, are structures that hold solar panels high above ground space typically in a parking area. This design serves a few different purposes; a solar canopy can use existing property space without hindering its functionality as a vehicle parking area. Parking lots are usually very large, open areas without shading, which is an excellent setting for a solar panel system. Solar canopies not only take advantage of the expansive space, they also provide shading to the ground beneath it and prevent cars from overheating in the sun. 


Building the Right System with YellowLite

At YellowLite, our team has installed a variety of commercial solar systems including rooftop arrays, ground-mounted structures, and solar canopies. Our solar experts consider several elements such as energy consumption, property size and layout, and unique details so that we can design a solar energy system that meets your needs. 


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