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There’s an important reason why commercial solar has been spreading across the nation. Businesses and large facilities typically require a significant amount of resources, which means that their operations have a much greater impact on energy demands. When we’re faced with the idea of sustainability, most people associate it with their own daily habits and how their actions may personally contribute to climate change. However, commercial and industrial energy demands go way beyond those of private residents, which means that their solutions also go much further. 

We’re taking a look at commercial energy usage and how businesses and other organizations can lead the country toward sustainability. 

Big Operations Have a Big Impact

Energy consumption in the United States has steadily increased over the last 70 years and is expected to continue rising in the future. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. energy consumption is divided between the residential, transportation, commercial, and industrial sectors. 

Source is US Energy Information Administration

Looking at consumption by category, it appears that each sector is responsible for a similar level of energy consumption. When we consider how energy is used within each sector, it becomes clear that large operations in the commercial and industrial sectors far surpass residential usage. In 2019, commercial and industrial operations together accounted for 50% of energy consumption. 

  • Commercial Sector: Businesses, government bodies, organizations, and community establishments; the energy supplied to these entities can be used for similar purposes to residential consumption, but on a much larger scale. Commercial energy can also include community generators or other special projects & functions necessary for commercial groups
  • Industrial Sector: Areas such as manufacturing, production, and agriculture. The energy consumed powers operations in factories, construction, and many more production processes including more energy production. 
  • Residential Sector: Private households across the US; the energy consumed here is used for heating and cooling, household lighting, and various appliances (for home and personal use).

Since commercial and industrial operations are leading the country in energy usage, those same groups leading the way in the clean energy movement would have the most significant impact. Currently, only 11% of energy in the U.S. comes from renewable resources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and geothermal. The remaining 89% of the energy consumed comes from nuclear energy and the dreaded fossil fuels, which contribute to climate change and resource depletion. 

Commercial Energy Can Set the Standard

The resources used to meet energy demands can determine the future of our society. Traditional fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) all have detrimental consequences for the environment, human health, and society as a whole. Along with contributing to climate change, these resources are limited and will leave society without power or fuel once they’re gone. As long as the greatest demands for energy are met by these unsustainable resources, our production and development will have an expiration date. 

Commercial and industrial operations can jumpstart a path to a sustainable future by opting for renewable energy such as commercial solar. Although many residential households have switched to solar in recent years, the demand for fossil fuels is still driven by the substantial energy demands of commercial industries. Small businesses and local organizations have started the commercial movement by seeking alternative solutions in an effort to take responsibility and connect to their communities. If larger corporations and manufacturers can join in the movement, the U.S. could shift the direction of the future. 

Solar Benefits Business

Sustainable options like commercial solar aren’t just environmentally beneficial — alternative energy systems also yield financial benefits and stability. Solar power is a cost-effective and efficient option that offers system owners a solution to fluctuating energy costs. Replacing traditional energy with commercial solar also provides more energy independence. Generating power with a direct source instead of relying on grid-power allows operations to continue through local power outages and potential resource limitations. Renewable energy like solar power is a more sensible choice for large operations. 

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