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Renewables and Clean Energy

The environmental impacts of our energy sources are too substantial to be overlooked, causing the use of clean and renewable energy sources to become a worldwide priority. Traditional energy sources like coal, oil, and natural gas are all limited resources that pollute the environment when used to generate electricity. To continue using electricity as widely as we do, humans need to replace fossil fuels with renewable resources and produce clean energy. 

Renewable resources are energy sources that can either be replenished at the same rate that they are depleted or, ideally, will never run out. Clean energy is produced by sources that don’t release pollutants and have little to no impact on the environment. Each renewable resource offers a clean energy alternative to traditional sources, but solar power has many advantages within the world of renewables.


Solar vs. Wind Power

While both solar and wind are unlimited resources, solar power systems are a more accessible power option. Solar structures which can either be mounted onto homes/buildings or easily configured on ground mounts, while wind turbines are less convenient projects. The turbine structure alone requires more complex zoning and permitting approval than solar panels. Solar systems also lack mechanical parts, meaning that they require very little maintenance and upkeep. 


Solar vs. Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is harnessed from heated reservoirs under the Earth’s surface. Like solar, this source is abundant and does not contribute to harmful pollution. However, accessing this source is generally more expensive and is usually used for heating and cooling solutions in residential settings. Solar energy’s conversion to usable electricity allows it to power homes and businesses throughout; it can realistically power any electric appliances. Additionally, solar installations are straightforward, as they are mounted onto the surface of a building or the ground. 


Solar vs. Hydropower

Hydropower is generated from a flowing water source, meaning that this option is viable for those who have a river or another body of water on their property. This requirement also means that aquatic wildlife can be affected by a foreign structure is present. Solar, on the other hand, does not impact wildlife and is available anywhere that the sun shines. 


Going Solar with YellowLite

Each of these alternative sources has the great advantage of producing sustainable energy, but solar is an excellent option thanks to its efficiency, affordability, and how accessible it is to residential homeowners and commercial business owners alike. 


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