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Solar Energy Monitoring

One of the most helpful features of a solar power installation is an energy monitoring system. Sure, the average person can review their energy consumption on a monthly bill, but solar monitoring systems communicate more than that. A monitoring system provides a detailed energy analysis including the system’s energy production over time. That’s pretty important for someone who owns solar.

Owners of residential and commercial solar power systems alike are depending on consistent energy to replace the typical grid power. Monitoring power production tracks system efficiency, helps to estimate ROI progress, and reveals potential technical issues when recording system performance. 

Solar energy monitoring systems rely on the inverter to determine solar power production. As the inverter converts raw solar energy into usable power, the monitoring system collects information on input and output. Most inverter monitoring systems offer an online portal, app, or on-site device so that you can examine your solar power system’s performance at any time. 


Quick Assessments

The energy monitoring system is set up with an online portal after the solar installation is complete. The YellowLite team reviews your system’s performance to ensure that everything is running properly. If an issue arises sometime after the installation process, the online monitoring system will alert our team right away. 

Energy production can fluctuate for a number of reasons. Climate and weather can cause minor changes to solar energy production. The panels may absorb less sunlight due to cloudy skies, or a snow build-up, but these are temporary fluctuations that are resolved as soon as the clouds part or the snow slides away. 

However, significant changes in energy production can indicate a larger issue such as equipment damage. When a significant and sudden change occurs in energy production, the solar monitoring system alerts the owner as well as our team. We can access the system details for assessment and determine probable causes. If the information indicates a more serious issue such as equipment damage, we’ll quickly send a technician to assist you. 

Long-Term Advantages

Over the years, solar energy efficiency can change due to regional climate changes or aging equipment. Solar monitoring systems allow you to view energy production by week, month, or year so that you can evaluate your system as time goes on. Panels and other equipment parts are designed to last for years but if you notice a steady decline in production, in the absence of other factors like excessive rain or snow, you can plan ahead for equipment updates or reach out to a solar consultant to learn about alternative options. 


Keep Up with YellowLite

Our team doesn’t disappear after an installation is complete. We take care of our customers well after a project is finished. Energy monitoring systems help us to keep an eye on your solar installation and quickly assist you with any issues that arise. Whether your residential solar panels need a repair or your commercial solar system needs to expand, our team will be there! 


Learn more about our maintenance services here or reach out to a solar consultant about your installation needs! 


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