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Top companies across the country have incorporated solar energy into their business life. Some of these corporations include - Apple, Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Commercial solar panels are not only for big household name establishments. More and more, a diverse array of organizations realize solar energy benefits. But, what can solar panels do for your company? Are they the right fit for your unique needs? Let's take a look at commercial solar energy.


First Steps -

If you own the building you do business from, there are a few steps to consider before commercial solar panel installation begins. Consult with professional installers familiar with commercial installs, not just residential ones. Partner together to choose the best area for the array. Choose whether a ground or roof mount is best for your property. When deciding on a roof mount, discuss roof age and condition, the best location for direct sun, and other vital factors to get the most from solar panels. Learn about the warranties, maintenance services, and financing each installation company provides to make an informed decision.


The Benefits -

Saving on monthly energy bills is the goal for many businesses choosing commercial solar panels. But that is just the beginning of solar energy benefits. Industries throughout the world are looking into sustainable options to power their workforce. Creating and producing products and services without fossil fuels will continue to be a hot topic in the coming years. Commercial solar panel installations generate the clean energy most are looking to harness. Not only do these panels last up to thirty years, but they can also add value to your brand. Being seen as eco-friendly can open doors to new clientele, improve the neighborhood, and show the community your commitment to change. Outside of climate change, solar panels are an investment in your property. The ROI includes increased property value. When the time comes to sell or relocate, having commercial solar panels is attractive to many buyers. 


Tax Credit - 

2022 is the final year to take advantage of The Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) 26% tax credit. In 2023 the rate will decrease to 23%. Your state may have additional tax incentives for your commercial solar panel installation. Ask your installer about the credit, rebates, and tax abatement information in your area. 

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