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If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me, “does solar even work in the Northeast [Ohio]?” or “why would I want a solar panel installation when all it does is rain and snow here? I’d be on my way to a fortune on par with Jeff Bezos".


In most cases, solar power has been synonymous with warm, tropical and desert climates. Installing solar panels is a big decision which is why arming yourself with a ton of information and understanding some common myths (they don’t work in cloudy areas, they’ll damage your roof or that they’re too expensive) is so important before you decide on going green.


Let’s walk through 5 of these myths.


Myth 1: Solar Panel doesn't work in cloudy areas:

The simple truth is that solar panels will work whenever and wherever the sun shines. We’re pretty lucky, since it does everyday and everywhere (this is because cloudy days can’t match up to the total amount of sunlight you receive throughout the year.)

It doesn’t matter if you wake up to clouds each day, your solar panels will still produce electricity. For example, Germany, which is one of the cloudiest countries in Europe, is a solar superpower.  


Myth 2: Solar Panels don’t work in winter regions:


Too many people have the perception that solar panel installation works only in sunny climate and hotter regions. Well, those people are wrong. Your solar panels will work fine even if you live in a harsh and wintery region. Solar panels depend on light and not heat.On the contrary solar panels work more efficiently in cooler climates.  Just make sure your roof receives maximum sunlight and your panels are safe from shading.

Myth 3: Solar Panel Installation can cause damage to your roof:

Fun fact: If your solar panels are installed by professionals, they will actually end up protecting your roof rather than damaging it. Your roof will need proper inspection before the solar panels are installed. You will need to inspect the following things:


  • The roofing material


  • The orientation of your roof


  • The condition of your roof


  • The age of your roof


  • Any obstacles on your roof


We suggest you make a checklist and go through it before the solar panels are installed. This should make the process easier for you.


Myth 4: Solar Panels are way too expensive:

Did you know that the cost of solar panel installation has been decreasing every year since 2009? What’s even better is, you won’t have to pay in full to go solar. There are various financing options that can help you with the buying plans and mortgage for solar panels. And even better than that is there are several lucrative tax credit options for you if you want to go solar. Put on your research hats and figure out how you want to finance your solar panels.


Myth 5: You need to own a house to go solar:

You live in a rented apartment and you don’t have your own space for panels? No problem.. Community solar programs are the answer to your solution. The solar panels can be installed on the rooftop of the shared building and all members of the building can contribute to the cost.


We hope that you now don’t have any doubts about solar panel installation and how they can benefit you and your environment!

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