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Essential Tools For DIY Solar Installation

For DIY enthusiasts, a solar installation can be quite an interesting project. Solar energy system installation requires electrical and construction work to be done on-site. To perform these tasks professionally and efficiently, various tools are required. However, here we have suggested a few essential tools that will make your life a lot easier while working on your DIY solar project.

Digital Multimeter

The Digital multimeter is one of those universal tools which has a wide range of usages. In solar energy production, solar panels convert sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells and semiconductors. With a digital multimeter, you can check the quality of electricity generated by each cell or panel. Further, each and every connection needs to be checked for the frequency of the current. A normal off-the-shelf digital multimeter has a voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter.

DC Drill/Driver

Owning battery-operated drills and screwdrivers makes life a living paradise. Having a DC battery-powered drill or driver would allow you to complete electrical or construction work professionally while saving a ton of time. This comes as a really handy tool when installing roof racks and mounts for solar panels. Mostly, roofs are at a slanted angle, making solar panel installation a safety hazard for installers. As compared to corded drills, battery-operated drills are efficient and most importantly portable.

Hack Saw

Having a proper hack saw for cutting through plastic, aluminum, silver, or other metals is a must DIY tool for enthusiasts. The rails for solar panels need to be adjusted and cut according to roof measurements. Missing on a simple hack saw at that crucial moment can delay your whole project timeline.

Flat Pry Bar

Roof racking for solar panels is a tedious task already; not having proper tools further complicates even a simple task. A flat pry bar, although a less common tool but very helpful when installing a solar panel. Most of the roofs have shingles on them and a flat pry bar comes in handy while sliding the flashing under a shingle for mount fitting.

Caulk Gun

We know caulk guns, once used, keep collecting dust in the workstation until a new big project comes in. However, solar panel installation is a one-time thing, so you do not want to miss anything that is going to make you redo the whole thing. For mount fittings, you would have to drill numerous holes on your roof. A caulk gun is used to fill the holes with sealant accurately. This will prevent any type of roof leakages.

Screw Drivers

It is better to have both screwdrivers and a battery-operated driver. There are places where battery-powered screwdrivers are easier to use, but in some tight places, corners, and especially in electrical wiring, manual screwdrivers are the best option. Having a complete set of screwdrivers will help DIY enthusiasts a lot during solar panel installation.

Wire Cutter/Stripper

Electrical work in solar panel installation would require you to cut or strip various electrical wires. To keep the whole project clean and professional, a proper wire cutter is a must. It will help you to strip and connect wires in the shortest time possible.

Tape Measure

For first-timers, residential solar panel installation can be a challenging task. Even a simple leveling of the roof mounts can become difficult without a proper tape measure. Always make sure you have a retractable tape measure handy to avoid making wrong drill holes.

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