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Current Status of Ohio Energy 

Ohio’s largest energy source is coal and natural gas. According to EIA, in 2019 coal-fueled 39% of the state’s net energy generation, while natural-gas fueled 43%. Nuclear power plants contributed 14% to energy generation, leaving only 3% of Ohio’s electricity to be sourced from renewables - that’s solar, wind, hydropower, and biomass.


As the traditional sources are burned through (quite literally), we have to ask: why are we depending so heavily on unsustainable resources?


Rapid development in technology demonstrates that the need for energy will only grow. In order to meet the state’s needs, energy sources must transition away from the traditional and utilize sustainable solutions, such as solar power. 


Prevalent Traditional Energy Sources

Ohio currently operates 9 coal power plants, some having been in production for over 60 years. Still, Ohio consumes three times more coal than it produces. The natural gas production in 2019 was more than 30 times of that in 2012. Although these fossil fuel excavations began in a time before sustainability was acknowledged, fossil fuels’ dominance over the state cannot continue. In addition to the danger of climate change, coal and natural gas are limited resources that cannot be replenished at the same rate that they are depleted. Efforts to expand on using renewable energy sources is slow despite their proven efficiency. 


Alternative Energy Sources

Ohio currently generates a small percentage of its total energy production from clean, renewable sources. Renewable energy comes from resources that can be replenished, such as biomass, hydropower, geothermal, solar, and wind energy. Unlike fossil fuels or nuclear energy, each of these energy sources is either unlimited or abundant enough that it can be replenished as it is depleted. The most practical methods for a rapidly transitioning society are those which can be quickly established. Solar power is a prime example. 


Transition to Solar Energy

The opportunity for solar energy exists almost anywhere; it’s adaptable, accessible, and limitless. Unlike traditional power plants, solar panel systems can range from personal installations that give consumer independence, to large generator sites that can power communities. Structured businesses and personal residences benefit from rooftop designs or ground-mounted systems. These systems have the potential to provide complete independence for their owners; with independent sourcing, owners can monitor their usage more closely.

While any renewable energy source will benefit our environment, solar is an exceedingly dependable and advantageous option for those who are ready to make the switch.


Reduce Your Electricity Cost for 30+ Years

Using free energy from the sun, you generate your own onsite electricity, reducing the power you need to purchase from your utility. Because a solar system has no moving parts, the technology is extremely durable, reliable, and works for decades. The panels are warranted for 25 years or more.


Make Operational Costs More Predictable

Through solar power, you can stabilize your energy bills by reducing the impact of electricity price fluctuations and future inflation. Solar panels and battery systems can also be used together to ensure that you have a consistent energy supply at a consistent price. Switching to solar lowers the risk of unforeseen utility costs ruining your budget.


Invest In Yourself, Rather Than Taxes

With the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit, you can use dollars you would have otherwise had to pay in taxes towards acquiring any significant asset. This increases the value of your financials while providing you decades of reduced operational costs. Your solar investment quickly pays for itself in savings. With financing, many people realize a positive cash flow starting in the first year of ownership. 


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