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We at YellowLite are always on the lookout to promote renewable energy in the United States. We help our customers and readers to make smart choices in life to get better results at the end of the day. However, we have hardly discussed how to efficiently use the renewable energy we produce from solar power panels.

With the growth of the industrial era, electricity started becoming more and more affordable to residential users. Different home and office appliances like air conditioning, refrigeration, washing machines, etc. started gaining popularity, without any focus on energy efficiency. These appliances were heavy lifters of electricity.

However, newer means of renewable energy production like passive solar energy have started gaining popularity. The sophistication in the technology of appliances gained the focus of innovators. Now we can find appliances that are based on eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. The current air conditioning units, washing machines, and refrigerators have energy ratings over them, allowing users to select the technology they want.

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YellowLite’s aim is to make Americans conscious of their energy consumption and adopt a lifestyle that is beneficial for both us and the planet. Going for solar power panels to meet your energy needs is a great way to achieve that, but what if you’re not ready to make that change? Well, there are some other small changes that you can make to ensure that you’re living to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Insulation of Walls & Attic

Insulation is the basic necessity of modern homes these days. However, if your home’s walls are not insulated, we recommend getting your home insulated to ensure that heat doesn’t leave the house in winter and doesn’t get inside in the summer. This means that less energy is required to heat or cool the room. Getting your walls and attic insulated can increase the energy efficiency of your house in the long run.

Insulate Your Windows

Take a good look at those windows and see if you can identify any cracks or leaks. These can be fixed by a replacement or weatherstripping. However, replacing windows isn’t enough to ensure energy efficiency and savings. The real trick is to replace single glazed windows with Energy Star Approved energy-efficient windows. Now, this may seem like a big investment but trust us, energy-efficient window replacements are one home remodeling project that gives pretty good returns on investment.

Go Green

If your house has barren land, consider planting shrubs and trees, especially on the west side of the house. These trees will block the infrared rays and heat from the sun in the summer and in winter the bare branches will allow the same rays to warm up the house. You can ensure passive solar energy production in winter as well as in summer, but having some greenery around the home will make the whole atmosphere pleasant.

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Make Hot Water System Energy Efficient

The hot water system in winter can cause a burden on your wallet due to excessive energy usage. Follow these steps to save more energy through your hot water system. First of all, turn down the temperature of your water heater to the “warm” setting i.e 120°F. Insulate your hot water lines so they don’t lose heat quickly between uses. Use low-flow fixtures for showers and baths. These steps will minimize the energy usage of the water system. Or if you want complete freedom, you can go for active solar heating that will take care of the whole heating system in the house.

Replace Incandescent Bulbs

Did you know that compact fluorescent lamps can save you three-quarters of the energy that is being used by incandescent bulbs? Well, you know now. CFLs cost about two or three dollars and last about 10,000 hours. They also use only about 27% of the energy used by a 100-watt incandescent bulb. Most people don’t even consider this as an important option when it comes to saving energy, but remember, it is with the small changes that you can conserve energy. Solar power panels can produce limited electricity based on your system or roof size. Don’t overburden your system and utilize things smartly.

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Use Energy Star Appliances

Like we mentioned before, it is the small things that make the bigger impact in the long run. The way you use your appliances can save you a lot of energy and improve your home's energy efficiency. Here are a few things that you can do. Always unplug your appliances when they’re not in use. Some of your appliances have a standby mode, which means they use energy even if they’re not being used at the time.

Always buy appliances that have a good energy rating. The more stars an appliance has, the more energy-efficient it is. But, think about size first. A larger appliance may seem more energy efficient, but it also consumes more energy.

Make small changes in your lifestyle and start using energy-efficient appliances to decrease the overall energy consumption of your home. This combined with a premium solar energy system will make your home the most energy-efficient place. In the long run, these habits and decisions will greatly affect your pocket.

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