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Not everyone who is considering solar installation has the same mindset. People have different agendas and reasons for going with solar power. In this blog, we will discuss the types of people who go solar and what they are looking for.

The Investment Customer

The investment-minded solar consumer looks for the best financial return on their solar investment. The concern of these solar buyers is not to make the environment eco-friendly, but to gain maximum return over investment.

Before even considering a solar system installation, the investment consumer would have explored other competitive investment options as well. Bond, stock market, real estate, gold, bitcoin, and other investments. A solar energy system usually has an ROI of 6.5% to 8%. For instance, every watt of solar energy installed increases the home equity by 3.11% per watt.

The investment consumer is not concerned with how and why solar produces energy. Instead, they will be concerned about what is the payback rate of the system, how long solar panels are going to last, and lastly how much money they will save over the time of 20 years or so.

The Independent Consumer

These customers are not concerned about the ROI of the solar energy system. Instead, they want independence in their life by gaining control of the things they use. Obviously, these solar clients care about how much savings their active solar energy is going to make, but these are not the decision-making factors.

The perfect thing about solar panel installation is that it gives the user the freedom to control the energy they use. The utility companies have been seen to constantly increase the electricity tariffs, creating an alarming situation among many U.S. residents.

Imagine your whole town is out of electricity due to any unforeseen circumstance, and you as the independent solar consumer are enjoying uninterrupted free electricity.

The Environmentalist

The main concern of an environmentalist is to become as eco-friendly as they can. Their driving factors are not either the ROI or energy Independence. All they want is to make the earth green, healthy, and carbon emission-free. These environmentalists have played a great role in making solar panel installation popular.

The carbon emissions from nonrenewable energy sources are wreaking havoc on the environment of the earth. These emissions are contributing to the ice caps melting and the greenhouse effect. So the primary reason for getting solar panel installation is using a system that has zero carbon emissions. Solar panels are the only viable renewable energy source that environmentalists can use and be confident with the minimum carbon footprint.

The Technologist

These consumers are tech-savvy and technological enthusiasts while always eager to hop on to any new innovation. These people are early adopters of new solar technologies and are willing to pay the premium to solar installers and get the best in the market. These people always go for the premium brands so they can get higher efficiency and become trendsetters.

Solar Enthusiasts

These solar buyers have in-depth technical solar appliances knowledge and are affiliated with this field in some capacity. These people are usually DIYers and go to extra lengths to make sure their solar energy system is technologically advanced with devices monitoring the energy production and everything else. They are particular about the perfection in the solar installation and go the extra mile ensuring premium installation. These people are encyclopedias of the solar world, they know how the solar panels or inverters work and can troubleshoot and repair their solar system themselves.

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