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What Exactly is Solar Power?

Solar power is energy that’s been collected from pure sunlight in order to generate electricity. The sun is constantly supplying us with its energy which, thanks to solar technology, can be used to power homes, businesses, vehicles, and much more. 

Here’s an overview of how solar energy works and what makes it so beneficial: 


How Do Solar Panels Generate Energy?

Typically, the solar power systems you see on resident rooftops and commercial buildings use solar panels that contain photovoltaic (PV) cells. The PV cells in solar panels are made of semiconducting materials that absorb sunlight in order to create an electric current. 

Solar panels may be the most notable part of a system, but the process certainly doesn’t stop there. The energy produced by the PV panels is direct current (DC) energy, which isn’t ready for household use. DC energy travels from the panels to an attached device called an inverter, which converts it into alternating current (AC) electricity, ready for use. 


When Can I Use Solar Energy?

Since solar energy is usually generated right on your property, the electricity goes directly into your home or business as it’s being produced. Any excess energy that isn’t being used is redirected to the local power grid or a solar battery, depending on which your system is connected to. Systems including a battery can continue using that stored energy after sunset or use it as a back-up source in the future. 

Why Choose Solar Over Traditional Sources?

Generating solar power from a private system is more cost-effective than sticking with typical utility-produced power. Owners of solar systems are able to significantly reduce their energy bills by utilizing a free energy source. Systems also increase property values, adding to the long-term financial gain. While financial benefits are a great advantage, solar energy is even better for the environment and the longevity of our contemporary lifestyles. 

Solar is one of the renewable resources —meaning that it will never run out, unlike fossil fuels. Traditional power plant energy typically burns through fossil fuels in order to generate electricity. Fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas, are all limited resources that cannot be replaced once we’ve used them up. Harvesting these sources are also devastating to the environment. The extraction process destroys land while burning the fuels pollutes the air and releases substantial carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Solar panels, on the other hand, don’t disrupt the environment or release pollutants in order to absorb sunlight and generate electricity, making solar a clean energy alternative. 


Switching to Solar with YellowLite

Once you’ve learned about the personal, financial, and environmental benefits of solar power, it’s hard to argue why you wouldn’t make the switch to clean energy. At YellowLite, our team is determined to help you make an informed decision about your energy solutions. 

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