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From over 93 million miles away, the sun lights up our day, helps plants to grow, and can power our homes and businesses.

As word spreads of the benefits of solar energy on the environment, now is the time to consider solar panels for your life.

This renewable energy source can allow you to create your energy, save money, and even get you where you need to be.

If you are looking for details on solar energy, read on to learn a little more about some key facts and benefits of solar panels.

Solar Energy for the Home -

From bustling cities to rural areas, homeowners choose solar installations to supplement their power source or completely live off the grid.

A professional solar installer comes to the property to assess the best layout for a custom installation. The company will usually look at three crucial areas, including:

  • Roof Conditions 
  • Land Availability
  • Tree Coverage

Roof Conditions - 

The age, style, and condition of your roof are significant factors in a roof installation. An aging or damaged roof is not ideal for solar panel installation. Your solar company may suggest repairing or replacing the roof before beginning a project. Another consideration is the configuration of the roof.

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy says, “The size, shape, and slope of your roof are also important factors to consider. Typically, solar panels perform best on south-facing roofs with a slope between 15 and 40 degrees, though other roofs may be suitable too.”

Land Availability -

Some homeowners might want to install a ground mount over a roof installation. Ground mount solar panels, in essence, work just like a roof mount installation. If the homeowner has enough land available, a ground mount could be the way to go to avoid any roof repairs and for optimal solar panel placement.

Tree Coverage -

Removing any overhanging limbs that are not in tip-top shape or are creating shady areas on the roof or property is vital for maximum energy production. Your solar team will commonly recommend any yard maintenance that should be cared for before installation begins.

Solar Energy for the Commercial Sector -

Commercial companies that are small, medium, and known worldwide are now turning to solar energy to lower monthly bills and budget energy expenses more accurately.

Solar panels can be a perfect fit for offices, warehouses, and brick and mortar locations with large areas of their roof unused. Business owners are also attracted to the idea of solar energy based on the fact that the panels create zero noise and are virtually maintenance-free.

Other benefits of commercial solar energy are:

  • Increased value of the building
  • Tax incentives
  • Solar Panels are long-lasting

Solar panels are also more affordable now than ever before. The Solar Energy Industries Association, SEIA, reports that as of 2021, the solar PV price has declined forty-three percent in just five years.

As with residential solar installations, a professional will perform an on-site inspection and assessment of your unique building to determine the best solar panels and setup for your business.

Solar Energy on the Go -

Road trip adventurers, retirees, and anyone who wants to live the van life can also benefit from solar panels.

To all the travelers that want to explore national treasures such as the Great Lakes, Yosemite National Park, or the Grand Canyon, a solar kit can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar panels also do not present the health risk that a generator does. For those looking to avoid tourist trap campgrounds and experience nature without the crowds, solar energy can provide this freedom.

Solar RV and camper van kits come in a variety of setups. Talk with a solar expert in the field to determine if your vehicle needs a solar panel installation or if a portable option is best. 

As with traditional solar panels, these kits are known to be very quiet and can last as long as ten years.

Final Thoughts - 

Whether you are looking for affordable ways to save on your energy bills, looking for ways to increase your property value, or being more environmentally conscious, solar energy is worth looking into and researching the benefits.

Talk with your local installers to find out what solar panel type and the array is best for your home, business, or recreational vehicle.

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