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States across the U.S. have been making strides toward a more sustainable future, so you may be wondering why newer policies and programs are having such a big impact. For instance, Illinois has seen more government-supported renewable energy initiatives with the Future Energy Jobs Act of 2016, yet the state is continuing to address more proactive proposals. States like Illinois are proving that environmental solutions must expand and develop even further. 


The Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) 

Illinois passed FEJA in 2016, as both a push for sustainable energy production and economic growth for local communities. The law encourages shifts in the energy industry by setting the goal for Illinois to produce 25% of its energy from renewable resources by 2025. Energy providers are held accountable to this more urgent Renewable Energy Portfolio goal by the expansion of requirements for renewable energy production and efficiency standards. 


FEJA also opened up more opportunities for Illinois residents to obtain clean energy systems by introducing programs like Illinois Solar for All and the Community Solar Program. Both initiatives improve the accessibility of solar energy. Solar for All focuses on the affordability of solar power systems and helps to bring them into lower-income communities. The Community Solar Program provides more residents with the opportunity to use alternative energy by allowing individual households to subscribe to a community solar power system. 

The Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA)

One newly proposed bill, CEJA, would expand on the initiatives enacted by FEJA. In an effort to reach a sustainably powered state much sooner, this bill pushes a more aggressive goal of running the state on 100% renewable energy by 2050. CEJA would dramatically restructure Illinois’ energy industry by reassigning utility responsibilities, improving efficiency standards, expanding sustainable programs, and establishing more specific criteria for community projects. The bill essentially offers a more ambitious and vigilant approach to the laws passed in 2016.

The Path to 100 

Similar to CEJA, the Path to 100 proposes high goals for Illinois’ energy production. However, this bill shifts the approach to sustaining those goals and continuing funding for the programs that support them. After great success with initiatives that make energy systems more affordable, the state is anticipating a stall in project funding in the next few years. The Path to 100 aims to restructure funding to stabilize future developments. The plan would also fast-track the 100% renewable energy goal by asserting that the state first reach the goal of running on 40% renewables by 2030. 

Making Progress One System at a Time

Headquartered in the Midwest, our team has installed residential and commercial solar throughout the region. We’re excited to participate in the growth of clean energy and environmental sustainability in Illinois. Whether you’re looking to install a private system on your home or you’re planning to run your business on solar power, our solar experts can help you get started on your next solar project. 


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