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With the recent changes made by the Illinois Commerce Commission, ICC, that lowers the amount of time and cost associated with combining clean energy with the grid, some property owners in the “Prarie State” are interested in solar installation now more than ever.

This fact, combined with the U.S Energy Information Administration reporting that in 2020 more than four-fifths of Illinois solar generation came from rooftop solar panels, may make this the year to consider the solar impact on your home or business.

Solar Installation

Solar installation in Illinois follows the same process as in other parts of the United States. Once you have decided on a professional solar installation company, a consultation will be scheduled to review the quote. From there, an onsite evaluation will determine an installation plan. Next, the solar installation design is customized to your unique property needs. Once any and all permits are approved, the installation will begin. After a final inspection and installing a new meter, you are all set for solar energy.

Some solar installation companies will allow you to see how much energy your panels are producing and your energy use with an online monitoring system. This convenient tool allows you to view your usage patterns in the past as well as manage usage in a whole new way.

One frequently asked question to keep in mind is whether or not your installation is covered by homeowners insurance. While most are, we encourage you to reach out to your specific insurance company for more details.

If you are opting to finance your solar energy project, talk with the solar installation company for their best tips and insights on what type of loan or help is available.

Tax Incentives in Illinois

While there are no state tax incentives in Illinois, there are other ways to lower the cost of a new solar installation. The Solar Renewable Energy Credit, SREC, offers residents one credit on every one thousand kilowatt hours their solar panels produce. The Illinois Solar For All program, ILSFA, works to make clean energy more affordable in low-income communities. 

A Federal Tax Credit of 26% is available through the end of the year. The solar installation has to be new and applies to homeowners only. The solar panels must be installed by December 31st to claim this credit.

Maintaining Solar Panels

Solar panels are designed to withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions and are pretty durable. Usually, little to no maintenance is required. Always speak with your installer to learn about your particular solar system and its recommendations. Find out about any warranties and their policy on replacing any malfunctioning panels. 

If any occasion should arise that a problem occurs, make sure your installation company provides you with a list of names and numbers to contact for help. On a positive note, many solar panels in Illinois and beyond last twenty-five years or even longer.

The Solar Impact 

One of the significant reasons homeowners and businesses are choosing a solar installation is to lower monthly energy bills. Not only do the bills get reduced, but the property value actually increases. When you are in the process of choosing solar panels in Illinois, visit different solar energy websites and use their solar calculators to get a good idea of the panel's cost. Questions may ask about the appliances you use and average monthly electricity payments.

The solar impact on the environment is another important reason others choose to start their solar journey. With global warming affecting the entire globe, more and more people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint with clean and renewable energy. 

Outside of solar panels in Illinois, you may notice friends and neighbors opting for electric cars to offset the huge jump in gasoline prices. Solar-powered electric vehicles are being worked on, but they probably won’t be available to the public for quite some time. 

A major benefit of solar installations is that the incredible strength of the sun is a seemingly endless supply of clean energy, unlike fossil fuel-based resources. When deciding on your system, keep in mind a premium solar panel system can generate twenty-five percent more than a standard version.

In Conclusion

Choosing your solar installation is a big decision. Do your research and homework to find an installation company that you can trust with your project now and in the future. Don’t be afraid to bring up any questions or concerns before and during the installation process. Spend time talking with others who have invested in clean energy and learn how it works in their everyday lives. 

If the low maintenance, tax incentives in Illinois, and the solar impact of renewable energy are something that interests you, make 2022 the year you go solar. 

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