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Mobile homes in the form of RVs or trailers are all the rage right now. This sudden shift towards minimalistic living has also pushed people towards being more environmentally and socially conscious. We are now more aware of our usage of space, the meaninglessness of material things, and the freedom of the open road. This brings us to the concept of using a clean power source such as solar power for RV trailers.

Let’s get the basic questions answered first.

Why would someone need solar panels for RV trailers?

There are two main reasons:


  1. To charge the RV/trailer battery. Slow power provides the steady and slow charge that is ideal for a battery. This process enhances the battery’s life.
  2. To power up the RV/ trailer with electricity for when you’re exploring distant places or as a backup.


Now, onto the next question you may be asking:


What are the benefits of installing solar panels for RV/trailers?

Surprise surprise, we have a list for this as well:


It’s Cost Effective:

Apart from the initial setup cost, solar energy is as free as free can get. The sun will power your mobile “home”. What else do you need?


Unlimited & Environmentally Friendly Source

The source of power in the case of solar - the sun - will be around long after you’re gone. Even on days when it’s raining or cloudy, we still get sun. Not to mention that sunlight is one of the cleanest sources of power out there.  


Extended Battery Life:

Like we mentioned before, solar energy provides a slow and steady charge for your batteries, which is an ideal situation for extending your battery’s life. The increase in battery life with solar is expected to be 50-75%, meaning you won’t have to replace those batteries for 6,8 or even up to 10 years.


Low Maintenance:

Solar panels for RV trailers require virtually no maintenance at all. There are no movable parts involved so the least amount of care is required. If you decide to expand your solar system, you can easily do so without having to revamp the existing system.


Now let’s dive a little bit into the types of RV/trailer solar panels out there:


Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels: These solar panels are made using a single crystal. The cells are a thin wafer of silicon crystal. These types of panels are considered highly effective and give out better output in low light conditions as compared to the other two types listed below.


Poly-crystalline  Solar Panels: These are made from several different crystals. Although they may have less output than the mono-crystalline solar panels, these are the most popular because they take up less space and their efficiency is pretty great.


Amorphous Solar Panels: These are thin film panels with cells made up of a silicon crystal and attached to another material for backing. It is the cheapest and has the highest efficiency rate among all three types of solar panels. The only problem with these is that they take up more space than the other two types.


The type and quantity of solar panels that you end up choosing for your RV/trailer depend on your energy needs and other factors. If you have questions about installing solar panels for RV trailers, feel free to get in touch with our team and we will be happy to take care of your queries.

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