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Solar panel installation is not limited to preparing your roof for installation. No one warns you about getting the Solar panel permits done right. The cost of the permit will vary depending on your location and property type. Some rules don’t allow you to add structures and alter certain aspects of the home or building without approval. The big question is, how much will permitting add to your project?

Let’s get a quick overview of how you should get your solar panel permits done right:

1. Lookout for City and Country Government Regulations:

Most city and country governments need homeowners to get solar permits before going solar. Do your research and determine whether your city or country requires you to have a permit or not. Your solar panel installer should know the specifics and walk you through the process.

In general, more rural areas will not require as much permitting, while suburban and urban areas have more legal obstacles.

2. What Documents Need to be Submitted for the Solar Panel Permits?

Once you - or your installer - has informed the city government of your plans to go solar, the next step is to look for all the materials needed. Here’s the list of documents required for a permit:

  • Application for the permit
  • Owner-Builder Verification Form
  • Site Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Construction Plan
  • Elevation Plan
  • Equipment Plan
  • Electric Plan
  • Location Plan


But what are the everyday items required before issuing a permit? Here’s a list of approvals you may have to fetch for the contract:

  • Shade tree commission approval, Land development approvals (land, water, sewer, fire, flood, and wellhead protection).
  • Board of Zoning appeal

Thankfully, many installers take care of all these steps for the customer, but it’s still good to be informed.

3. Know What The Government Wants from Your Contract

Keeping the government involved is essential during the solar process. Your paperwork should include all the details about the inspections. Make sure your contractor has a copy of these permits onsite, during construction, and inspections.


4. Best Practices for Streamlining the Solar Permits

Look out for the existing permitting procedure for solar installation:

You get to save time on the documentation if you’ve got a perfect checklist from your installer. Once you have a checklist, you can easily cancel items off your list. Ask your installer if you don’t already have one.

Go for small-scale solar consolidation

Change to honestly I don’t even know what that sentence is saying Instead, having one final electric inspection done right is the point here. A letter from the structural engineer can also do wonders for you.


Not only will it be helpful in providing the review of the roof, but will also help you in planning for the rail system connections.

Go for online submissions and inspection scheduling

Add solar to your online permitting portal and also allow for permit applications over email.  It will save you a lot of energy and money.

Once you’re on the right track, you will get through the process and have the solar permit in your hands.  

The whole process may seem a bit overly complicated, but Yellowlite is here to take care of your installation and make it much easier for you.  We wish you all the best with your installation!

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