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Scioto, Ohio Family Proud To Go Solar

A Scioto, Ohio family is thrilled to have gone solar and offset more than 75% of their electricity bills. Debroah Flaig had her 9.7 kW ground mount solar energy system installed in the summer of 2013. Her solar power system has 28 Sunpower 345 watt panels with a SMA, Sunny Boy 10000TL-US 1-Ph grid-tied string inverter. Scioto is located around 80 miles south of Columbus, just north of the state border. 

"We got the Sunpower solar panels, so we thought we might as well get the good stuff," said Mrs. Flaig. The panels produce over 13,000 kWh of electricity per year, enough to offset the burning of six and a half tons of coal. However, the environmental offset is appreciated, but not Mrs. Flaig's primary concern. She is more enamored with the energy bill savings she receives as her electricity bill over the last two months was $12 in April and $27 in May.  

"I think it's a thing a lot of people should be doing. It's free energy. It's the sun, it's always going to be there, but it increases your property value as well.

The equity that has been added to the property if she decided to sell was over $30,000. "You're never wrong when you invest in your property," she said. It should be noted that the added equity value to your property is based on a rate of $3.11 a watt from the latest research but it is always a good idea to contact your realtor.

With plenty of available space on their farm, the Flaigs decided to build a ground mount. There were advantages to doing so. "One thing I like about it being a ground mount is that in the winter, my husband just squeegees the snow right off. It's a nice thing about having it on the ground."

The array is set in the middle of a field on a  flat portion amid rolling fields at her farmhouse. The panels receive unobstructed sunlight from sun up to sun down. The setting is idyllic. The panels are beautiful.

"We have friends who have $400 to $500 electricity bills. They would definitely decrease their electricity bills if they went solar."


Mrs. Flaig said that the service she received was outstanding, from the initial phone consultation to installation. She praised YellowLite "Once the installers came here and left you would have never known they were here. They were very professional." Solar panel costs have decreased over 70% over the past six years, so no matter if you buy the best solar panels like Mrs. Flaig did with her Sunpower solar panels, or you just opt for cheap solar panels, now is the best time to install solar panels in Ohio. 



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