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The Different Forms of Residential Solar

Solar power has offered an alternative energy source for the owners of homes, farms, and businesses. But what about the many people who don’t own property? Thankfully, technology and energy solutions have become increasingly more inclusive. The necessary materials, structural designs, and financing programs for solar projects have seen dramatic changes in recent years. Now, solar power can be utilized by just about anyone. 


Rooftop Solar for Homes

The topic of residential solar often brings to mind the commonly seen roof-mounted solar panel systems on houses. This is the first choice for many solar-seeking homeowners because it utilizes existing space and offers a straightforward installation process for those with roofs in good condition. These systems are safely settled on top of the same property they send electricity to, meaning that there’s less distance to travel and less risk of external interference than there would be with typical power lines. However, the drawback for rooftop systems is that the system owner must own the property the system is installed on. 

Community Solar for Residents

Shared solar power is a helpful alternative for those who cannot install rooftop solar. Community solar provides clean energy to residents who may not own property, have an unsuitable roof, or are unable to finance a solar project. Community solar is available through two methods: residents can opt for a communal purchase or a solar subscription. 

With a communal purchase, members of the same community agree to share a ground-mount system. Co-owners fund the project together, whether it be direct or through a financing program, so that each of them can use energy produced by the system. In this arrangement, co-owners benefit from the investment aspect of solar installations. On the other hand, a solar subscription allows residents to pay for access to a solar system owned by a third-party. Subscribers can benefit from reduced energy bills and clean energy sourcing without the responsibility attached to system ownership. This option is perfect for renters or other residents who may not be able to commit to owning a solar panel system. 


Opportunity Anywhere

As the solar industry expands, system designs are updating and affordable programs are becoming more abundant. People across the nation are seeing that clean energy is a realistic energy solution. If you’re considering solar power, you’ll see that the reduction in energy bills, stable energy production, and lack of external risk, are all worthwhile. 


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