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Mistakes To Avoid When Going Solar

For new solar buyers, it sometimes gets confusing deciding the size, type, and structure of the solar energy system. We have always encouraged calculated decision-making, to allow buyers to think about all of the possibilities before making any rash decision.

Not Planning Ahead

Now, when we talk about the ‘possibilities’, we need to explain a bit more. Solar panels and other supporting equipment of solar energy systems come with warranties of 20 to 25 years and are considered as a one-time investment. This means you have to consider the possibilities that could happen in at least 25 years of time. For instance, how big your family is going to be let’s say, after 15 years? Will you build a workshop in the future? The world is going electric; you will probably end up buying an electric car within the next 10 years that will need charging.

So the biggest mistake buyers make when opting for solar panels is not planning well ahead. So when you are out looking for the best solar panels, always keep your mind on your future. Try to build a system that is able to be expanded in the future.

Confusing Off-Grid And Grid-Tie Solar

Solar energy systems are built to produce renewable energy on-site, people confuse this function with the term going off the grid. However, most people are looking for grid-tied systems.

What Is The Difference?

In simple terms, when sunlight shines, solar panels convert solar energy into electricity for our use. As soon as the sun goes down, solar panels stop producing electricity. There are two ways to use electricity at night: either use the power from the utility company, meaning grid-tied, or use storage batteries to charge in the morning and utilize at night, meaning off-grid.

Off-grid solar systems are only recommended for people living in the wild or away from an electric utility company. Adding storage batteries to your system will offset your budget and return on investment (ROI).

Grid-Tied Solar

If you are living in any location that is covered by the power lines of any electric utility company, you don’t need to worry about going off-grid and spending thousands of dollars on batteries. The grid-tied model of solar power is very efficient with speedy ROI. When there is sunlight, you will use that renewable energy directly while also selling the excess energy to the utility company via net metering. At night, you will consume electricity from the utility company.

This whole process is automated and no user involvement is required. Hopefully after hearing this explanation, you, as a buyer, will make well-thought-out decisions for your future.

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