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Many celebrities actors in Hollywood are taking ecological responsibility seriously and finding out ways to go solar. Often flush with cash, many have remodeled their homes to be more eco-friendly and installed solar panels. Their shift from traditional energy sources to solar power can be inspirational to homeowners. We applaud their efforts to use their influence to bring other people onboard - here are 5 celebrities who chose to go solar for a greener planet.

Johnny Depp

This is a prime example of a successful solar installation. Johnny Depp turned his 35-acre Little Halls Pond Cay Island in the Bahamas into self-sufficient heaven operating on hydrogen solar cells.  

Julia Roberts

Julia her Malibu home into a solar retreat. Her solar panel system is made with incredibly sustainable futures.  The wood of these solar panels is created from sustainable forests, and recycled tiles were used in the manufacturing process. She's spreading the message loud and clear: Go Solar!

Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo is actively involved in the promotion of renewable energy. His work in conservation of forests, cleaning oceans and giving wider access to clean water has been recognized by many.  He even powered an entire movie set of Inception with solar energy to make a point. 

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is totally invested in adopting a green lifestyle. He budgeted the construction plan for his home to conform to eco-friendly standards, including using energy-efficient bulbs and solar panels.

Cate Blanchette

The Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchette not only powers her home with solar energy but the day to day operations in her theater company ‘The Wharf’ is also solar dependent.

These Hollywood stars have set the bar quite high when it comes to green and solar energy goals. Their transition is commendable. However, you don’t have to be a movie star or personally rich to go solar. Because of the 30% federal solar tax credit and falling costs, anyone can go solar and save a lot of money for decades. Many solar installers offer financing plans where the homeowner can put 0$ down and still receive a solar system for a low monthly payment.


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