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Out of the various forms of renewable energy, solar power has the special advantage of being accessible anywhere in the world. Places like the state of Illinois are recognizing the incredible benefits of solar energy and choosing to broaden its accessibility. Alongside the Path to 100 Act, a policy detailing the state’s commitment to eventually run solely on renewable energy, several programs have been created to increase the affordability of alternative energy solutions. 


Illinois is making the effort to give their residents more opportunities to reduce the initial costs of solar installation in addition to facilitating more community-wide clean energy access with programs like Illinois Solar for All, the Adjustable Block Program, and local rebate offers. From Chicagoland to farmland, Illinois is working to power homes and businesses sustainably. 


Illinois Solar for All 

As part of Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act of 2016, this initiative consists of programs that make solar energy systems more attainable for low-income communities throughout the state. Illinois Solar for All extends its benefits to homeowners, renters, nonprofit organizations, and public facilities. It also prioritizes environmental justice communities, which are areas that have been more deeply impacted by the effects of pollution and fossil fuel emissions. Participants of the included programs aren’t required to pay upfront costs and can qualify for capped ongoing costs. 

Illinois Solar for All’s specific programs include: 

  • Low-Income Community Solar 
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Public Facilities 
  • Low-Income Distributed Generation 


The Adjustable Block Program

This Illinois solar program, also known as Illinois Shines, is an incentive program available to those who aren’t eligible for Illinois Solar for All, such as median-income households and organizations. In exchange for 15 years of RECs (Renewable Energy Credits), the program provides set payments to the owner of the solar energy system. RECs are credits representing renewable energy generation which are typically sold by the owner of a solar energy system; the buyer can then claim credit for the clean energy that was generated. The Adjustable Block Program applies to qualifying residential rooftop solar as well as community solar projects which provide subscribers with a clean energy supply. 

Local Solar Rebate Programs

Although the statewide rebate program in Illinois came to an end, residents seeking to own a solar energy system can still apply for rebates and lower installation costs. For instance, ComEd offers a Distributed Generation Rebate for their customers. Their program applies to community solar subscribers and owners of renewable energy systems that use net metering (a credit system for sending clean energy to the local grid system). Qualifying systems can receive a rebate of $250 per kW (up to 2,000kW). Programs like this can significantly reduce the upfront costs of Chicago solar installation. 


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As a company founded in the Midwest, we’re proud to see the remarkable progress that Illinois is making with clean energy initiatives. YellowLite has not only joined the ranks as an Illinois solar installer, but also as an approved vendor for the Illinois Adjustable Block Program. We’re excited to be a part of the Illinois renewable energy movement!


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