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Settling into a new home can be a challenging time. You have to plan the interior and exterior in a way that will make life convenient and enjoyable. These decisions can be about the furniture, decor, settings, roofing, etc. How about solar panels? Is a new solar electric system on your list yet?

If you’re considering going solar, knowing the details are essential in making this decision. Knowing them

beforehand will make things easier once you go ahead with installing a new home electric system.

Solar Electric Installation Type:

Solar panels can be installed in two ways. Here’s how you can choose the style that best suits your home:

  • Rooftop - These will suit you if your home has good rooftop space, minimal shading and you plan on staying there.
  • Ground mounted - This is best if you've got a home with a big outdoor space, little or no sun facing roof space, and are planning on moving soon.  

Once you’ve chosen the type of solar panel installation, the next step for you is to figure out how a solar electric system will fit with your home.


Choosing the right type of solar panels is the first step in going solar, then comes the estimation of installation costs, solar electric system size, and financial payback for your buck. Here are the key things you should get an estimate on:

  • Installation Cost - Research all solar installers in your area to find out the best deals. You can get a cost estimate on how much you can save on your bills by going solar.
  • Size - A professional solar installer will evaluate the property and let you know how many solar panels you will need to power your home fully or partially.
  • Energy payback - After getting an estimate on the solar panel set up, ask about how you can financially benefit from installing solar in the long run.

Solar electric systems are becoming an investment for most homeowners. Going solar is a part of going green which is the lifestyle trend many people are adopting today.

Getting an estimate on how going solar can benefit you should be on your list of to-dos when you plan on going solar. Plus, getting the basic idea of solar panel installations will make it easier to ask all other questions when it comes to solar energy.

Solar Plan:

There are different ways in which you can finance your solar panels. Some of the main options are:

Each plan has its benefits. There are variables involved, like your plan on staying in that place, how you plan on dealing with maintenance costs and if it's your own property or a rental.

With all these new solar electric systems, you can find out the solar financing plans that suit you best. We are committed to helping you make definite plans based on decisions if and when you decide to go solar.

Solar incentives:

To encourage solar expansion, governments, utilities, and solar companies offer solar incentives and tax breaks to make solar more appealing to homeowners. This means that you’ll have tax benefits when you decide on a solar electric system for your home. Here are some of the types of incentive plans offered:

  • Investment tax credit for solar - This is the investment tax credit (ITC) provided by the federal government that allows homeowners to deduct a portion of their solar costs from their taxes. As a result, you can reduce the net cost of your solar panel system by 30-50%
  • State Tax Credit - Some states offer additional tax credits for installing a solar panel system. With a state solar tax credit, you can deduct a portion of the cost of your solar panel system from your state tax bill, similar to the federal ITC.
  • Cash rebates - It is sometimes possible to receive a cash rebate from your state, municipality, utility company, or other organization that wants to promote solar energy. Rebates are generally available for a limited time and end once a certain amount of solar has been installed. Rebates can help reduce your system costs by 10-20%

After going through this list, you’ll find out how solar panels fit your needs. Plus, you’ll become pro at figuring out the latest updates and get maximum payback from your selected methods. Get an instant estimate or get in contact with us at YellowLite to learn more about solar panels today.

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