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There are new trends that keep coming up every year about the solar panel structure. Here at YellowLite, we maintain a balance of information about the old and the new. From the new tariff plans to 2018’s solar trends, we’ve got your back. We’re always striving to answer basic questions that we’re asked from our consumers. Today, we’re going to walk you through the importance of design structure when it comes to solar panels.  Let’s dive in:


Roofing Requirements:

Before the design of solar panel structure comes into play, ask yourself if your home is properly equipped to handle solar panel installation. For example if your house is under shade for the most part of the day, how can you benefit from installing solar panels at all? After you have answered these questions and the answer is shady,

 don’t worry. This way you’ll be free to assess other options such as community solar panels before giving up on solar panels and their benefits. But if it’s not the case and the Sun shines bright and clear on your roof, then figure out the best way to achieve maximum input from your chosen solar panel structure. And for this, you can choose from one of these two options:


  1. Ground mounted solar panels
  2. Rooftop solar panels


The main idea is to focus on a sustainable solar panel structure that leads to effective power generation and works out well.


Getting efficient output:


After you’ve decided upon the roofing requirements, focus on how to best avail the maximum from your solar panel structure, or how to increase your home’s energy efficiency? For this, you can get a visit arranged from your installers to get all logistics. Mainly, the things that help with getting maximum output are:


  • Trim excess greenery that can hinder solar input
  • Regular cleaning of solar panels


Solar Panel Structure 

Each living space is different. Units opting for solar power and then individual homes have been doing that before long. If you’re planning on getting in the game, ask your installation company to come by with details on how:


  • Will they choose between roofing or ground mounting for your home?
  • Will they use maximum space for your home’s daily use and efficiency?
  • How will this specific design help your house?
  • What else can be done to maximize energy before your solar panel installation?


Getting the best out of your chosen solar panel structure and its installation is in your best interest, and knowing about the solar panel structure will help a lot when it's time to make that decision.


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