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In light of increasing energy costs, Solar has rapidly gained a reputation as the best global energy solution. There are businesses and households turning to this clean energy source for power, and it’s becoming more and more viable each year. This mode of energy production has becoming increasingly viable for businesses in particular, as there are hundreds of businesses all over the United States benefiting from it. 

Solar power comes with an abundance of benefits for businesses. These include a reduction in operating costs, an increase in property value, incredibly positive environmental impacts and in some cases; the independence from energy providers. You will be spending less money on electricity, and making a positive impact in the world with a much smaller carbon footprint, what’s not to love? Below, we will explore the advantages of commercial solar power for businesses, and how it can help your business become better in both energy efficiency and monetary value.

Reduced Operating Costs 

The biggest advantage of solar power for commercial usage is the massive reduction in operating costs for a business. You see, once you go solar, you won’t have to rely on grid-supplied electricity, which would remarkably come with a reduction in operating costs. Grid-supplied electricity is getting increasingly expensive here, along with its constant fluctuations in price; it can be a real detriment to businesses. Solar will protect your businesses from these hassles, and will prove to be a much more cost-efficient energy solution in the long run. This means your business will save money on electricity, and you can use it for other parts of the business you would have to invest separately otherwise. The rising energy prices are an issue that most businesses don’t wish to invite, especially since solar solutions in Ohio have advanced significantly. Each month, the average bill for residential customers can be around $150, which is a huge amount of money to consider. This is only exacerbated further when you look at the cost of electricity for businesses. Solar in Ohio can be a huge enhancement to anyone, but businesses have the most to gain from it.

Solar is also a brilliant investment to make. This investment will last long, and it will continuously have returns that will save you a lot of money in the long run. Solar panels usually have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years on minimum; this is why they will be a reliable source of electricity for decades on end. Commercial solar panels have become more affordable now, which makes them a more compelling option for businesses than ever before. In 2020, the average cost of a commercial solar panel system was $1.50 per watt, which is incredibly small compared to the $6 per watt back in 2010. As the National Renewable Energy Laboratory states, the cost of commercial solar panels in the US has decreased by 66%, and this trend is predicted to continue as the world converts to this long-lasting energy source. This is why businesses now have access to cost-effective and sustainable commercial energy solutions provided by YellowLite, which you can read more about here and even fill out an RFQ (Request for Quote) form here.

Aside from the long time saving, there are also various incentives that only businesses which invest in solar are eligible for, these include tax credits, rebates, and grants. Some of these incentives are also available for Solar in Ohio, making things even more accessible for businesses. These incentives usually include the good old net metering and solar sales tax exemption, along with several other programs that aim to promote the use of solar energy in the state for better sustainability. Solar comes with a huge reduction in operating costs, and businesses have so much to gain from going Solar in Ohio.

Increased Property Value 

Commercial solar power has an added benefit of increasing your property value. This doesn’t just matter for homeowners, as businesses can benefit from this as well. If you install solar panels on your commercial properties, you essentially turn your roof into an asset that will generate electricity for you, and contribute to a more sustainable future. However, aside from this functionality upgrade, having solar panels installed can also make your property more attractive to potential buyers and tenants. 

Of course, the aesthetics that the sleek and beautiful design that solar panels bring do play a part in this, but this is mainly because solar is such a big investment, and one that lasts for decades. If you’re in the real estate business, selling property with solar panels installed will increase the value of said property. Similarly, tenants will not have to worry about overpaying on electricity bills, so you as the owner can have a mark-up on rent. 

A Positive Brand Reputation

In truth, the current world is quite different to what we saw ten years ago. Consumers have become more environmentally conscious, and they are actively looking for businesses that prioritize ethical practices and sustainability for the betterment of the planet. Adopting solar power can help your business demonstrate a commitment to renewable energy and sustainability. YellowLite has made that commitment to sustainability with the Ohio solar solutions that we provide; hence it’s always a positive for us to further send that message outwards. 

It can have a big positive impact on your brand reputation and corporate image. Consumers will support your products and services without overthinking if you are a business that prioritizes an environmental responsibility. This might lead to an increase in demand for your business, which directly leads to a boost in revenue in the future. This can be made even more appealing if you offer environmentally friendly products and services. 

Helpful Environmental Impacts

Of course, we all know about the benefits of solar power as compared to grid-supplied electricity. Commercial solar power has a positive environmental impact, compared to the use of fossil fuels for energy production. Fossil fuels are not renewable energy sources, which mean that these can lead to air pollution, water pollution, and climate change. These fossil fuels are the main source of global warming, and that is the reason why solar is a socially responsible choice for businesses. 

Solar power can help in countering these global crises because Businesses are what use up the most amount of electricity, making the carbon footprint much larger than residential consumers. If you switch your business to solar power, you can help to reduce the negative impacts of fossil fuel usage, and contribute to a more sustainable future for everyone. 


There are a plethora of reasons for going solar in Ohio, but businesses can benefit from that in more ways than most. We’ve talked about all of the advantages of commercial solar, and how in can help your business in various ways, but the most important thing is that solar is good for the planet. It’s always important to keep in mind that solar power is the best source of renewable energy in the world right now, and it is currently in its most approachable and technologically advanced state. 

If you find yourself getting interested in a solar solution for your Ohio business, or even residence, then you can head over and fill out Yellowlite’s RFQ (Request for Quote) form by clicking here, you will be contacted by a dedicated team of solar specialists who will guide you on your journey to acquire the best solar energy solutions!

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