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The disastrous effects of carbon-based emissions have forced the world to think of alternative energy resources that are sustainable and affordable. As a result, solar panels started gaining popularity in the last half-decade.

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The process of making solar energy work is simple in its essence, as it is a combination of solar panels and inverters, absorbing and converting solar power into consumable electricity. However, it’s more complicated than that. The solar energy system has an intricate system, which requires compatible parts, proper cabling, installation, and inspection to perform efficiently.

Remember, the success and ROI of your residential solar panels system is entirely dependent on the expertise and professionalism of your solar installer. There are a lot of verticals involved even in a simple solar panel installation. To begin with, recommending the wrong type of solar panel roofing and inverter combination. It’s also possible to not foresee the future expansion needs and accidentally limit any future expansion due to wrong selection. The solar panel roof system involves thorough electrical and construction work that can become a safety hazard if proper protocols are not followed.

The solar panel roof size and location also play an important role in a successful installation. Are there any trees or building shade? Is the roof facing directly towards the south? Does the roof have multiple spaces for installation?

Only a certified solar panel installer will be able to gauge all these factors and make decisions on the go, selecting the best type of solar panels according to the given condition.

Solar buyers need to understand that a simple non-alignment of solar panels will result in less efficient output, offsetting your ROI years in the future. Improper racking and mounting will cause solar panels on the roof to deteriorate faster. Harsh weather conditions will further weaken the already problematic installation, resulting in possible mishaps.  

An expert solar installer knows how much your solar panel roof needs the inclination to meet the maximum sunlight. He knows how to properly interconnect the solar panels and all the other wiring to the inverter, and makes sure that all connections and wires are weatherproof.

As commercial solar or residential solar is maintenance-free machinery with 15+ years of warranty. Risking its installation may cause power generation issues in the years ahead. Besides, maintenance and support services are also an important part of the solar energy system. The whole process is not just to install solar panels and forget. Periodic maintenance is required as well to keep solar panels working properly for years to come.

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