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Solar energy systems are a smart investment for business owners. They have shortened payback periods owing to accelerated depreciation, help offset rising electricity rates, and they provide consistent financial returns. They also offer tax advantages including the federal income tax credit, a sales tax exemption, and a property tax exemption.

Commercial solar power can also reduce operating losses caused by power outages. On-site solar energy systems serving as backup or standby generators can reduce operating costs during blackouts or grid failures by eliminating or reducing down time.

So there are a lot of advantages for a business to go solar. A lesser talked about aspect of solar for businesses is that solar can enhance a business' brand image and drive greater awareness for customers and in the community.


The Law Of Attraction  

Lots of people are naturally attracted to businesses that engage in sustainable green practices. Oftentimes a business can separate themselves in a crowded pack and win contracts due to their investment in solar energy. Solar is a sign of personality, that a business has a deep-seated concern for their environment and the community at large. Consumers often have a more positive view of companies that go green and this can lead to more sales and higher revenue.

Prospective employees are looking for employers that have sustainable business practices in place. Businesses that are more environmentally conscious can attract a higher caliber of employees and better retain current employees. When environmental concern is combined with the company's mission statement, we inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Preferred status

When a business contracts with a solar company, workers in the local market complete the installation. Since solar projects are installed by local or regional companies, increases the availability of high quality, good paying jobs. Those same workers could potentially become future customers as well.

Companies can differentiate their own brands by being perceived as environmentally responsible corporate citizens. This can lead to preferred status for government contracts and help a business catch the eyes of influential people.


Solar is often a newsworthy event, especially in smaller cities. Local newspapers love to cover and write about businesses that make capital investments in projects like solar. It should be stated that even though there are over a million solar installations in the United States, solar can still be a rare occurrence in some cities in Ohio, particularly in rural communities.

Going solar can become an event that calls for a celebration! This is a great reason to invite customers, neighbors, and fellow members of the community over to your place and show them your installation.


In summary, going solar means your business can display leadership in the community, attract customers, and gain a promotional opportunity above and beyond the financial advantages. Businesses can enhance their brand equity as a responsible community partner and create greater awareness for their products and services.

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