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This Earth Day, Yellowlite isn’t just talking about environmental preservation; we're leading by example. 

Fresh off our participation in the Big Creek Reservations river cleanup, we’re more committed than ever to our mission for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. 

In the first quarter of 2024, we’ve had plenty to celebrate: 

  • 8,665,365 kWhs Produced: Enough to power thousands of homes annually.
  • 7,330,898 lbs of CO2 Offset: Balancing out greenhouse gas emissions of vehicles 
  • 54,983 Tree Seedlings Grown: Supporting reforestation and biodiversity.
  • 374,169 Gallons of Gas Offset: Conserving non-renewable resources and reducing pollution from fossil fuels 

Celebrate with us by taking advantage of these electrifying Earth Day solar discounts: 

  • Start Small, Save Big: 4-7kW solar system and receive a $500 discount, plus an additional $1,000 off when you add a Tesla Powerwall 3.
  • Step Up Your System: Upgrade to a 7-12kW system for a $750 rebate, and enjoy an extra $1,000 off when you add a Tesla Powerwall 3.
  • Elevate Your Energy: Move up to a 12-15kW solar array and get a substantial $1,500 discount, plus another $1,000 when paired with the Tesla Powerwall 3.
  • Go for the gold: Choose our 15-25kW or larger systems for a maximum $2,000 to $2,500 discount, plus an additional $1,000 off with the Tesla Powerwall 3.

Join Yellowlite this Earth Day to foster a sustainable and responsible planet. It's a perfect opportunity to save money and make a lasting difference.

Visit this page now to avail these discount opportunities. 

Go Green with Yellowlite.

Disclaimer: YellowLite sales promotions cannot be combined with any previous discounts and/or promotional offers. “Earth Day Offer” promotion will expire on 4/25/2024 @ 11:59 PM EST.

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