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For years, Tesla Motors, led by Elon Musk, has gained international attention for its innovative and “outside the box” methods for providing sustainable energy for all. The introduction of their home energy battery product, the Tesla Powerwall, is no exception.

What is the Tesla Powerwall?

Let us start with some basics. What exactly is the new Tesla Powerwall used for?

The Tesla Powerwall is one of the most advanced residential energy storage systems created. It is a home battery that stores solar energy so you can use it on demand and self-power your home to reduce your reliance on grid electricity.  In the event of a grid outage, Powerwall automatically provides backup power and easily integrates with solar to ensure your home is powered 24/7. This renewable energy system relies on nothing but the sun. With that being said, it can keep a home powered even in prolonged power outages. The battery itself is small enough to hang up on a wall and requires no maintenance. You are also able to control and monitor your Powerwall anytime and anywhere on your phone through the Tesla phone app.

Tesla Powerwall’s objective is to allow homeowners to maintain a sustained power supply during the day or night through clean and environmentally-friendly practices.

How Does the Tesla Powerwall Work?

Lets us now look into how the Tesla Powerwall has the ability to power homes.

As with other energy storage products, the Tesla battery is sized for day-to-day use at your home and is usually paired with a home solar panel system. When your solar panels produce more electricity than you can use in your home, the excess is stored in the battery pack instead of being sent back into the electric grid. Later, when your panels aren’t producing enough electricity, you can use the electricity stored in your Powerwall instead of having to buy it from your utility. As the sun goes down and your solar panel production decreases, you draw on the electricity that you stored during the sunniest part of the day.

The Powerwall helps homeowners use their energy in the most efficient way possible by balancing out the power the solar panels produce.

How Long Does the Tesla Powerwall’s Battery Last? What’s the Warranty?

Like most rechargeable batteries, the Tesla Powerwall’s battery deteriorates with time. It can hold less charge as it ages. However, this is no indication of a product flaw but rather an inevitable symptom of batteries aging.

With this in mind, Tesla offers an unlimited 10-year warranty that assumes your battery is used for daily charging and draining. This warranty includes a capacity warranty that guarantees your Powerwall will retain at least 70 percent of its capacity to hold a charge during this time.

How Much Does the Tesla Powerwall Cost?

YellowLite’s Powerwall installations are averaging around $14,000. It costs an additional $1,000 to be retrofitted with an existing solar system.

Where to buy a Tesla Powerwall

Adding energy storage technology to your home is a complicated process that requires electrical expertise, certifications, and knowledge of the best practices required to install a system properly. Taking that into account, it is wise to work through a certified installer. As one of the biggest solar companies in Ohio, Yellowlite is currently a certified Powerwall Installer and can help simplify the buying process! Place an order with us today!

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