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Solar panels provide home and business owners the opportunity to generate energy that is both environmentally and financially responsible. Yes, it is actually cheaper to harness energy from a renewable resource like solar than traditional energy sources such as coal or even natural gas! While many people are motivated to switch to solar as an affordable alternative energy, investing in solar has a multitude of other advantages.

Let’s take a look at some of the direct and indirect benefits of solar power.

Direct Benefits of Solar Power

  1. Lower Carbon Emissions: Clean energy like solar reduces the need for traditional energy sources like coal, natural gas, and oil. These fossil fuels are a significant source of carbon emissions, which pollute the environment and contribute to climate change. Solar power supplies the electricity you need without increasing the demand for these harmful fuel sources.
  2. Immediate Electric Bill Savings: Solar energy systems generate energy to supplement or replace power that you would normally be pulling from the local power grid. The more energy you produce from a system, the lower your electric utility bill will be. Over time, a system pays for itself with the amount of money that you save on electric bills.
  3. Sustainability Incentives: In an effort to expand renewable energy, various incentives programs have been implemented across the country. Some states and counties have rewarded investments in solar projects with programs such as net metering and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), arrangements which essentially allow the system owner to earn cash for their energy.

Indirect Benefits of Solar Power

  1. Increased Property Values: Solar installations add equity back into your property by raising its value. So not only does a system pay for itself in utility savings, but it also earns the owner a higher profit when the time comes to sell the property.
  2. Electric Cost Stability: Every year, utility bills fluctuate with changing rates and fees along with the fluctuations in energy demands. Generating solar power for free with a private system prevents these fluctuations from significantly impacting you. No matter how the market changes, a steady supply of independent energy will consistently lower your electric bill for years to come.
  3. Added Building Protection: Rooftop solar panels rely on your roof for support while protecting it from degradation. The panels absorb the sunlight that would otherwise be contributing to the roof’s deterioration over the years. Panels even deter the extra weight of heavy snowfall, as their sleek surface usually causes snow to slide away instead of freezing in thick layers on the rooftop.
  4. Economic Support: According to the Solar Foundation, employment in the solar industry grew 5 times faster than overall job growth in the U.S. economy between 2014 and 2019. Solar energy systems have been installed by residential citizens, corporations, and even traditional utility companies as they strive to meet the demand for renewable energy. States like Illinois have encouraged economic growth with policies like the Future Energy Jobs Act (2016), which enforced higher renewable energy goals. 

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