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Be Prepared: Solar System Installation

Depending upon your permitting authority and the availability of required materials, your photovoltaic system will usually be installed in anywhere from 30 to 60 days.

Image of an installation crew mounting a solar panel system onto a roof

As with any construction project, unforeseen circumstances out of YellowLite’s direct control do occur and can cause the solar system installation to take more time than expected.

In most cases, the panels take one day to be mounted to the roof (sometimes longer in ground mount applications) and one to two days for wiring and connection to take place. In the event of a larger than normal installation, or challenging working conditions, installations can sometimes take longer than two to three days. 

Leaky Roof

All solar system installations are weather-sealed so that there is no threat of leaky roofs. If a leak does occur, and the leak is determined to be directly attributed to the solar installation, all repairs will fall under the YellowLite labor warranty and will be promptly corrected.

System Monitoring Issues

Because solar array systems don’t typically fail in the same way many technology systems do, technical support is rather minimal. If your system monitoring is ever unresponsive, your system will notify YellowLite and our team of technicians will address the issue as soon as possible. Our systems feature a live-stream where you can track the progress of your array, and in the event one of your panels goes down or if you’re experiencing communication issues, you’ll be able to detect it here.

Power Outages

Solar electric systems that are tied to the grid shut down automatically during a power outage. This is a safety feature designed to prevent “islanding” or the transmission of power back onto lines that utility workers may work on. During a power outage, your system will not produce electricity. However, if you’ve installed a battery backup designed to provide power to your home’s critical loads, you’ll harness power during an outage, day or night, just as you would with a generator. Systems with a battery backup can disengage from the grid entirely.

Image of a phone instructing a customer to call Yellowlite to find out what approach is best for you when it comes to solar energyInterested in what YellowLite can do for you and your home? Contact one of our solar representatives today to get started on a tailor-made solution for your home.

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