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The sun shines on your roof in Virginia 205 days a year, so you can take advantage of solar energy and reduce your rising electricity bills.

>Tax Incentives in Virginia

Tax Incentives in Virginia

Virginia homeowners get a varying property tax exemption for solar panel installation and they can also get a 30% Federal Tax credit on solar panels in Virginia

>Our Warranty Policy

Our Warranty Policy

Our panels and other renewable energy products come with a warranty that protects you against any possible failures of the product.

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Why Go Solar In Virginia?

The State of Virginia is ranked 9th in the United States for Solar Panel Installations. The average annual electricity bill is $2,184 and that is why the number of residents going solar in Virginia is increasing. In the lifetime of a solar system which is approximately 25 years, you can save thousands of dollars.


Why Choose YellowLite?

From educating our consumers about solar power to designing & installing solar power systems, Yellowlite has helped over 600 residents and businesses make the switch from traditional power to solar energy.


Transition To Solar Panels In Virginia

Call us at (216) 333-1364 or request a quote & set up a free consultation for your solar panels in Virginia. Our quote includes site assessment, financing options for your state, installation, permitting, inspection and interconnection.

Benefits and Incentives for Solar In Virginia

  • Federal Solar Tax Credit
  • Net Metering
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Property Tax Exemptions

What You Need to Know For Your Project

Solar Installations & Permits

Solar permit requirements are quite complex and vary in every state and council. Generally, you would be required to file for an electrical permit, construction or building permit, and a solar permit at your local government. In these permits, you would have to fill out and submit a permit application, owner-builder verification form, site plan, roof plan, construction plan, elevation plan, equipment plan, electrical plan, and location plan.

What You Need to Know For Your Project
What You Need to Know For Your Project
Our Location Manager From Virginia
Our Location Manager From Virginia
Our Location Manager From Virginia

Waqas Zaidi

Waqas Zaidi is a Virginia native and an experienced energy professional at YellowLite. With over a decade of experience in the energy sector, he's a solar power expert committed to clean and sustainable energy solutions. Contact Waqas Zaidi today and take the first step towards embracing the power of the sun for a brighter and cleaner tomorrow.


Solar Energy Facts About Virginia

Here are some stats related to solar energy needs and progress in Virginia.

  • 4,393 MW solar energy installed
  • National Ranking: 10th (9th in 2022)
  • Percentage of State's Electricity from Solar: 6.16%
  • Solar Jobs: 4,753
  • $5.1 billion total solar investment in the State
  • On average, Virginia residents spend about $182 per month on electricity. That adds up to $2,184/year
  • Cost of solar energy has fallen 43% over the last 10 years
  • 45,851 total installations in the state


A Powerful Community Impact

A Powerful Community Impact

YellowLite has been on a mission to enhance the lives of the customers by installing solar energy systems tailored to their needs. After 2000+ successful installations in neighboring states of Virginia, YellowLite is now aiming to build the same relationship with Virginia residents and businesses. Be a part of this and create an impact by reducing carbon emissions, mitigating climate change, and improving air quality.

  • Is it worth it to go solar in Virginia?

    Solar panels offer a compelling opportunity for Virginians seeking to trim their energy expenses and embrace sustainable power for their homes. Virginia boasts a sunnier climate compared to many other states, making solar panels a valuable investment with a promising return on investment (ROI) for most residents. Solar Potential: Virginia's solar potential varies by location within the state. The amount of sunlight your area receives and the orientation of your roof can influence the efficiency of your solar panels. Tools like the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's PVWatts calculator can help you estimate your solar potential.

  • Virginia residents can capitalize on a variety of solar incentives, encompassing the generous 30% federal solar investment tax credit, participation in Virginia's Solar Renewable Energy Credits program, property tax exemptions, and the advantageous net metering policies. Virginia stands out as a premier state for solar panel installations due to its attractive incentives, steadfast commitment to ambitious renewable energy targets, and the affordability of solar equipment. Additionally, current incentives feature a waiver of permit fees and a restricted solar tax incentive in line with Virginia Code Section 58.1-3661.

  • According to a recent Zillow study, the addition of solar panels to your home has the potential to increase its average selling price by 4.1% compared to what it might have fetched otherwise. In the case of an average Virginia home with an approximate value of $320,000, this could mean an additional $13,000 in added market value. When you incorporate this potential 4.1% market enhancement into your overall return on investment for solar, it becomes evident that a solar panel system is not only a green choice but also a smart property investment strategy.


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YellowLite’s Installation Process


Using state of the art design tools, a YellowLite Solar sales representative will review your custom quote with you.



Once you go solar, you’ll be assigned a Project Manager (PM) who will schedule a site inspection and installation plan.



Your Project Manager will review the installation plan with our design team to finalize your custom design.



YellowLite will submit your designs to your governing permit authority and your utility company for approval.

YellowLite’s Installation Process


Your Project Manager will contact you to schedule your installation. Installation usually takes 1-3 days.



Once installation is complete, YellowLite will coordinate a third party inspector and your utility to approve your solar array.



Once approved your utility will replace your existing meter with a bi-directional meter allowing electricity through your house.



You are now ready to utilize the power of the sun to reduce your electric bills and your carbon footprint!


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