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Our Commercial Installations

The YellowLite Team

 You can trust our team’s expertise in commercial installation

YellowLite’s dedicated team members draw knowledge from experiences with large-scale commercial solar, small property solar, and everything in-between. Whether a business or institution is a widespread operation or is based in one location, our experts are trained to assess, calculate, advise, and design the best system for each customer. We provide the expertise that you need while making crucial decisions on your solar investment.

We're proud that our projects have a profound impact. Our solar installation at the Wyandot Lodge, part of the McKnight Nature Center in Columbus, Ohio, helped the facility to become a net-zero building. Take a look at the completed project and building opening here:

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Our Process

Care and attention to detail throughout each and every project.

From your consultation and financial analysis to system installation and maintenance, we create a seamless experience for our customers. We make a point to collaborate and communicate openly with each customer, keeping you updated and informed throughout the process.

Personal Consultation

Our solar consultants take the time to learn about each customer’s needs so that we can help you to make informed decisions. The consultation includes an analysis of current utility electricity rates, energy usage patterns, and financing recommendations. We share information on federal, state, and local solar incentives, so that you can take advantage of the financing options available.

On-Site Assessment

Once you decide to move forward with the solar project, our sales and design team personally surveys the proposed installation site, considering the best placement and mounting structures for the new system. Our team assesses the roof/mounting site, the directional orientation, shading, and usable space.

System Design & Contract Agreement

Our experts use information from the site evaluation to design a system that best suits each customer’s unique situation to ensure that both you and our team are properly prepared to take on the new project. Our goal is to design a quality, cost-effective solar system that results in durable and reliable energy production for 25 or more years.

Utility Interconnection and Construction Permitting 

Our team completes the utility interconnection application needed for a system to tie into the local grid. For roof-top designs, our professional engineer conducts a structural analysis to confirm your building’s ability to support the system. For ground-mounted systems, a third party performs a soil analysis. Finally, our team obtains the necessary building and electrical permits granting local approval.

System Installation 

Your assigned Project Manager maps out an installation schedule, in addition to a mobilization and equipment staging plan. We strive to minimize any disruptions to your operation, maintain existing roof warranties, and follow rigorous safety procedures. The actual installation is typically completed in 2 to 6 weeks, depending on system size and the complexity of the design.

Final Inspection & Power Connection 

The YellowLite team tests and commissions the system to confirm its optimal operation. We handle all inspections by the city and utility company, ensuring that the system operates safely and efficiently, as planned. Once the system passes the final inspection, we notify the local utility company and obtain permission to operate your solar system.

System Maintenance

YellowLite ensures quality, even after the installation is complete. 

While our team works meticulously to ensure a smooth process throughout design, installation, and connection, we also provide attentive repair and system maintenance afterward. By monitoring the energy production of the system, we can immediately detect any issue that may arise and send our service team to quickly resolve it. We offer maintenance plans for every solar panel system that we install.

Learn more about the YellowLite experience by reaching out to a solar consultant!

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