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Stay Ahead Of A Rapidly Changing Market
Drive Forward With Solar

Stay Ahead Of A Rapidly Changing Market

The world is changing and so is the auto industry! In response to concern over climate change, consumers are becoming more drawn to sustainable solutions. Demand is rising for environmentally responsible brands and alternative products such as electric vehicles. Prepare your facility for the electric future of transportation by switching to solar power.

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Focus On Operations With A Consistent Budget
Focus On Operations With A Consistent Budget
Focus On Operations With A Consistent Budget

Lower Your Energy Costs With Solar Power

Solar power is an efficient solution that can lower energy bills, reduce your operational costs, and accommodate production changes. The growing demand for alternative options like electric vehicles also means that your energy consumption is expected to increase. By powering your facilities with your own source of free energy, you can maintain your operations with a steady budget.

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We’ve Installed Over 1,000 Systems

At YellowLite, quality is our top priority. Every project is designed to meet our customer’s unique energy needs. Our team has experience building all types of solar energy systems, from rooftop systems and ground-mount systems, to highly visible solar canopies equipped with EV charging stations. We can also provide system monitoring and kiosk solutions to publicize your solar investment and your environmental stewardship to your customers, suppliers, and employees. This will enhance your brand and improve employee recruiting and retention. Let our experts guide you on your solar journey!


We’re equipped and ready to install for:

  • Auto dealerships
  • Assembly plants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Maintenance operations
  • Other automotive organizations

Work With Our Experts
Work With Our Experts

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