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Wall-mounted solar panels have become increasingly popular over the past decade, particularly in urban areas and regions with limited roof space. 

As the world seeks sustainable energy solutions, wall-mounted solar panels are a versatile alternative to the rooftop installations we’ve all grown used to. Their unique vertical installation method and ability to blend seamlessly into a building's design make them practical and aesthetically pleasing. 


In this guide, we’ll explain what wall-mounted solar panels are, their applications, the installation process, and some other key considerations. 

What Are Wall-Mounted Solar Panels?

Wall-mounted solar panels are solar panels installed vertically on the exterior walls of a building. 

Like traditional rooftop solar panels, they convert sunlight into electricity. 

Wall-mounted solar panels are a practical solution in areas with limited rooftop space and nowhere to add groundmounted panels. 

When Wall-Mounted Solar Panels Make Sense

There are a few scenarios in which wall-mounted panels are a better solution than standard panels or might even be the only solution. 

Optimal for Limited Roof Space:

Wall-mounted solar panels are ideal for urban buildings, high-rise apartments, and commercial buildings with complex roof designs that cannot accommodate traditional solar arrays.

Aesthetic and Design Flexibility:

Wall-mounted panels can be seamlessly integrated into a building’s design, maintaining or enhancing its aesthetic appeal. They can be positioned to match the building facade, ensuring they blend in rather than stand out. This not only makes your building more attractive but also showcases your commitment to sustainable energy solutions. 

They can be installed on any sun-facing wall, providing flexibility in design. This can add a modern, tech-savvy look to the building, making it more attractive and potentially increasing property value.

Improved performance in specific climates:

Sunlight exposure: In regions where the sun remains relatively low in the sky, vertically mounted panels may be able to capture more sunlight compared to traditional roof-mounted systems. 

Snow Shedding: Vertical panels are less likely to accumulate snow, ensuring consistent energy production in snowy climates and limiting maintenance needs. 

Embrace Innovation with Wall-Mounted Solar Panels

Wall-mounted solar panels embody a forward-thinking approach to solar energy generation. They are not just a practical solution for buildings with limited roof space and unique architectural designs, but also a testament to innovation in the renewable energy sector. When rooftop and ground-mount installations aren’t the right fit, wall-mounted solar panels offer a fresh and innovative solution. 

Are you interested in learning more about wall-mounted solar panels? Contact one of our pro-solar experts, and let’s continue the discussion. 


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