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Winter may not be your favorite season of the year, and if you live in Cleveland, you have a few reasons to feel that way. Let’s face it, not all of us live in the sunny Southwest -some of us have to go through unusually harsh winters every year.  Solar panels are probably the last thing on your mind when you think about the cold nights and mornings.

Your solar power thrives on light to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The power generation process does not rely on heat. So the weather conditions have little impact on the overall efficiency of the solar panels in winter.  Now that we’ve burst one myth regarding solar panels in Winter, let’s take care of other mind-boggling questions too.


How Will Winter Affect the Efficiency of your Solar Panels?

The good news is that your home or office will be fueled by the sun’s power throughout the winter season. The dark months won't mean much.

It turns out, colder temperatures actually increase the voltage of electrical equipment. This is why your computer or TV has a fan. Silicon-based panels work even better when it’s cold. Your solar panels have a higher efficiency rate at -25 degrees compared to +45 degrees.

You can count on your solar panels for a higher efficiency even in the winter days when the days are short.  

How Will the Installation Impact my Finances?

Solar installations can have a big impact on your electricity bills. Long-term solutions, like solar installations, means reducing the effects of the overall hike in prices of the electricity bills. The federal tax incentives available can offset about one-third of the costs through a 30% tax credit.

Going solar also doesn’t mean paying cash upfront.  With payment installments and loan incentives, one can easily pay for your solar installments. 

Are Your Solar Panels Durable Enough to the Carry the Weight of the Snow?


Solar panels in wintry regions are designed for snowfall to occur. The frictionless glass, as well as steep pitch of the panels, helps snow slide off. This effect is similar to a car’s rear window. Panels are also designed in wintry regions with snowfall projections mind.


However, Let's not get too hard on your solar panels and expect them to tolerate all the load.  If there’s heavy snowfall and the panels are covered with snow for days, it would be a good idea to sweep everything off to get the solar panels warmed up. You can do this using a solar rake, which is available online.

Is Winter the Right Time to Carry Out an Installation?

Yes, it can be. Standing in the sweltering heat is the last thing any installer would want. So let’s be a little kind and give the installer a chance to get the installation done in the winters. Plus, the installation process is pretty long itself. So naturally, if you’ve done your shopping in early summer, it would take about six months to get the installation completed. Many installations are completed in Winter, for customers looking to finish their projects by the end of the year in time for the tax credit. The cold temperatures don’t prohibit installment, and oftentimes, the array is completed right in time for the sunshine of Spring.

Still skeptical of solar panel installation? Investment in solar panels in winters is one of the best decisions. Let’s have a look at Germany which happens to be the cloudiest countries in Europe. Overall, 95% of the energy needs have been met in Germany.  


With all the incentives and solar installment plans, we hope you chose the right package for your home/business this winter.

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