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Today, homeowners are seeing the cost of living increase across the board. 

Trips to the grocery store, a fill-up at the gas station, a dinner out, everything is now more expensive than even a few years ago.

In this environment, all of us are looking for ways to lower our monthly bills and save money.

While making your home as energy-efficient as possible will help lower your monthly payments, it might be simpler than you think. Let's take a fresh, thoughtful look at some of the best ways to make your home energy-efficient.

Lighting -

According to The Energy Department, lighting can be upwards of 15% of your utility bill. 

One of the easiest ways to become more energy efficient is to pay attention to the lighting in your home. 

Begin with these steps:

  • Make sure to turn off the lights when you leave the room.
  • Swap out incandescent bulbs for LEDs.
  • Consider a timer for your outdoor lighting during evening hours.
  • Do as many tasks or chores with natural lighting as possible.

There are many LED lighting options available at your local hardware or big box store. Stop by or purchase the ones that fit your needs to become more energy efficient.

If you have exterior lighting on your deck, walkways, or landscaping, think about exchanging them out for solar-powered options. Many online stores have styles and decorative options for a variety of budgets and layouts.

Heating and Cooling -

Heating a home in the chilly winter months and the blazing hot summer months has a direct effect on monthly energy bills.

Prevent warm air from entering your house or cold air from exiting by drawing the drapes or lowering the shades in drafty rooms. If drafts persist or become an issue, talk with a professional about air sealing your property.

The Department of Energy recommends homeowners set their thermostats to 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer to prevent significant changes in their heating and cooling bills.

A programmable thermostat can control the temperature of your home when you are at work, overnight, and even when you are on vacation.

Open windows and run the fan instead of the air conditioner whenever the weather cooperates.

Make dinner on the grill to save electricity and waste less water and energy with fewer dishes. 

Appliances -

Older appliances might be using more energy than homeowners realize. The new energy-efficient appliances on the market have benefits worth looking into for homes and even certain businesses.

Climate change is also a worry for many all over the world. Energy-efficient appliances are better for the environment than their older counterparts. Read on to find just a few examples of the benefits of energy-efficient appliances:

  • They use less water.
  • They emit fewer greenhouse gasses.
  • They require less energy, saving you money.

From air purifiers, and water heaters, to freezers, think about updating your appliances to save energy and be more eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly Tips -

There are many simple changes in our lifestyles to make our homes not only energy-efficient but also more eco-friendly.

We all know we should reuse and recycle as often as possible. Consider bringing your own cloth bags to the grocery store or choose paper bags instead of the plastic option.

Reducing the number of disposable plastic bottles can be accomplished by carrying a washable water bottle to stay hydrated.

Some people enjoy hanging their clothes and linens to dry in the wind and sun in the warmer months.

Others rely less on disposable paper towels by using old clothing items or towels for cleaning instead.

Simply unplugging unused electronics can also help. 

During the pandemic, many planted vegetable gardens. Hopefully, this is a healthy trend that continues. Not only is this a fantastic family activity, but it is also a great way to improve your diet.

Thrift stores are seeing a massive resurgence, with more and more people shopping for vintage items. From rare band tee-shirts to pieces of furniture, shoppers are choosing to be eco-friendly when finding unique items to freshen up their wardrobe and home.

Solar Energy -

Installing solar panels in your yard or on the roof helps you not only save money but fight against climate change.

Producing solar energy leaves homeowners less reliant on their local utility companies and more able to budget for their energy use as well.

These owners also have the peace of mind that they are not fossil fuel dependent but use the continuous power of the sun.

Solar panels do not emit harmful chemicals or greenhouse emissions into the air. Adding them to a property reduces the homeowner's carbon footprint and increases the value of their home.

Solar energy production does not waste water like other less sustainable production processes.

Depending on the amount of energy your solar panels produce and the needs of your home, any unused energy can be stored for later use with a solar battery.

In Conclusion - 

A little research and a change in everyday habits are beneficial for the planet and our pocketbooks. 

Talk with your family or roommates about how your home can be more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Consider adding a new solution every month, or, if that is overwhelming, maybe once a season.

Explore what works best for you and continue building towards these goals as you are able.

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